LobstercoM: Organizer’s Report

LobstercoM, a three-day webcam Old School Magic tournament, was held on September 18th-20th, 2020. A total of 118 players representing at least eight or nine different countries and more than 35 different regional Old School clubs participated in the main event. The structure of the main event was straight Swiss pairings, seven rounds timed at 50 minutes each (just as one might expect at a “real-life” paper tournament), followed by a cut to a Top 8 bracket, played out on the following day. All of the matches for the event were played using Whereby, one of the video chat platforms of choice for the 93/94 webcam scene.

The weekend’s festivities were conceived as a virtual replacement of sorts for LOBSTERCON, an Old School tournament that had been hosted in Boston by New England Old School in 2018 and 2019. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic made it impossible to hold LOBSTERCON in 2020 as planned, so instead, we decided to create an online experience to at least recognize the weekend, share some games among friends, and hopefully raise a bunch of money for Room to Grow, our charity partner. The event was promoted among the OLD SCHOOL 93-94 MTG Webcam Player Community, along with the Old School Discord and the New England Old School Facebook group. Although we missed the real Gathering, the LOBSTERCON spirit remained:


LobstercoM weekend kicked off with the “Friday Night Boil,” a curated program of four exhibition matches featuring American Old School community stalwarts playing a mix of formats, some familiar, some experimental. The entire program was streamed live by Rich Bourque, and you can check out the recording here (or click through the “fight card” below):

And then came Saturday morning, and the LobstercoM main event, roughly eight hours of Old School Magic action, which was streamed by Danish Old School pillar Simon Rokkjær, with commentary from Bryan Manolakos and Svante Landgraf.

Kicking off the main event. Click through for the full YouTube playlist. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLR_9GfEf9Jqa_BNu5h279EKbgUdzw__VK

All of the recorded matches from Saturday and Sunday are available on Simon’s YouTube channel.

The cut to Top 8 left a field of mostly Workshops decks and various midrange piles. The robot menace was mostly up-ended in the quarterfinals, with only one Shops pilot (Mike Simpson) advancing to the semis: Shops vs BWRu Midrange, UWGb DeSilva vs BWRu Disk. Both BWRu Hymn decks won their semi-final matches, setting up an excellent showdown between Rubens Campana and Ben Katz. Juzam vs Juzam in the finals!

When the dust had settled, Ben Katz was crowned LobstercoM Champion. Congrats to Ben and Don’s Goblin Raiders!



Giving back to our community remains a focus for New England Old School and the Old School webcam community, and charitable contribution is part-and-parcel of the Old School Magic experience. Our charity partner for LOBSTERCON/LobstercoM is Room to Grow, a nonprofit dedicated to bringing vital services and support to families in Greater Boston.

Donations for Room to Grow were raised in three ways: through player entry fees paid, through a baby/toddler supply drive, and through the LobstercoM Charity Raffle held on RallyUp.

The charity raffle netted $6,180.04 for Room to Grow. Players and friends donated $1,337.47 in baby/toddler supplies in-kind to Room to Grow. And our entry fee revenue, net of expenses incurred for the event, combined with several other assorted donations sent in by the Old School community, added up to another $3,002.90 for Room to Grow. Taken together, our total support from LobstercoM for this vital nonprofit organization ended up at a staggering $10,520.41.

This outpouring of generosity from the Old School Magic community was breathtaking, humbling, and yet, in some way not entirely unexpected, because the #oldschoomtg scene has been stepping up for charity throughout 2020. On behalf of NEOS, and the families throughout Greater Boston who are receiving needed services and support as a result of your help, thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Special thanks are also due to our raffle item and prize support contributors, without whom the raffle would not have been possible: from the Old School Discord alters community, @Beckero103, @craw_advantage, @mgalters, @samsquamch, @merhans, and Park Cofield (@altersbypc); Justin Iskra, Akos Czibere, Shaun Augeri, James Easteppe, Philip Bohm, RagingRiverMTG, Matt Gazda, Jeremy Chien, Cam Wall, Mike Frantz, Geoff Walker, Adam Merkado, and Slanfan.

And an enormous debt of gratitude is owed to Josh “LobsterJudge” Frankel, who put in more than a full day’s work entering results and crunching pairings behind the scenes; to Simon and Rich for bringing high production values and a ton of effort into three fantastic days of streaming; to Mano, Svante, and Mibe for providing commentary; to the Friday Night Boil players Lucas, Dorman, Paul, Tapan, Jeff, Shawn, Quinn, and Seth for going along with it and putting on an exciting show; to the Watertown Elementals and the Bristol Brine Hags, obviously; to Jeff Menges; and to everyone who lent support, words of encouragement, messages of thanks, it all added up, it all helped, it all mattered. Thank you.


The Spice Files: LobstercoM 2020

Friday Night Boil – full program w/ coverage from Rich Bourque, DFB, Mike VanDyke

Saturday/Sunday Main Event coverage from Simon, Mano, Svante

All Tings Considered, Episode 132: Lobsters and Brews – Ben Katz

All Tings Considered, Episode 133: Casual Master – Adam Merkado

LobstercoM got a visit from The X-Files — Mikael “Åland” Johansson

LobstercoM 2020 — Jon Dittert

LobstercoM 2020 — Jason Shaw

LobstercoM Player PoV Stream – Rich Bourque

LobstercoM Playert PoV Stream (YouTube playlist) – Jeff Liu



9th Place: Joe Becica (9)

5th-8th Place: JT Nicasio (8)

5th-8th Place: Will Magrann (5)

5th-8th Place: Seb Celia (4)

5th-8th Place: Brian Urbano (3)

3rd-4th Place: Paul DeSilva (2)

3rd-4th Place: Mike Simpson (1)

2nd Place: Rubens Campana (6)

1st Place: Ben Katz (7)


(alphabetical by first name)

Adam Lemke

Adam Merkado — “Psuper Psionics” pepper SPICEMASTER

Andy Blaufarb — “The Infinity Gauntlet” pepper

Andy Callaghan

Arnaud Labelle

Ben Twitchen

Brian Bogdon

Brian Limbacher

Brian Vegso

Casey Groh

Chris McCubbin

Christian Reinhard

Christopher Mason

Colin Dunlap

D. Scott Brauner

Dakota Martinez

Daniel Kelly

Daniele Brunazzo

Dave Gura

David Muenzer

Dominic Dotterrer

Don Perrien (before)

Don Perrien (after)

Doug Miles

Eric Do Couto

Erik Johnson

Erik Olstad

Florian von Bredow

Fredric Düring

Geoffrey C Walker

George Murphy

Gerard Siatkowski

Greg Titcomb

James Easteppe

James Lebak

James Portello

Jared Doucette

Jared Miller

Jason Beaupre

Jason Dorman

Jason Schwartz

Jason Seaman

Jason Shaw — “Righteous Swords of Destruction” pepper

Jeff Dehnhardt

Jeff Grasso

Jeff Liu

Jimmy Cooney

João D Moreira

Joe Taylor

Joel Bowers

John Gehling

John Longo

Jon Dittert — “Hurricane Alpha” pepper

Jon Tschida

Jonas Stattin

Jonas Twitchen

Jonathan King

Jordan Boyle

Joseph Kendall

Josh Jones

Justin Dale

Karl Rivest Harnois

Ken Fritz

Koos Cramer

Levi Baumgardner

Lucas Kunce

Luke Zinnen

Mark Jonovitch

Mats Furby

Matt Mucci

Matt Thomas

Mattias Berggren — “Underworld Valley of Greedy Dreams” pepper

Michael Angelo Russo

Michael Scheffenacker

Micke Thai

Mikael Johansson — “Underworld Valley of Greedy Dreams” pepper

Mike Frantz

Mike McLaughlin

Noah Keating

Owen Fletcher — “King of the Monsters” pepper

Øyvind Skattum Vesteng

Park Cofield — “RW Beast Mode” pepper

Pascal Piché — “Disco Lobsters” pepper

Patrick Quinn

Paul Fiero

Paul Kovalov

Peter Monten

Rajah James

Raymond Mitchell

Rich Bourque

Rich Sponholz

Richard Stebbing

Richard Welch

Rob Hackney

Robert Wilson

Ryan Gresco

Ryan Keach — “Killer Bee Enchantress” pepper

Ryan Williams

Scott Bradley

Sebastien Gaudreault

Simon Christie

Thomas Ashby

Thomas Hamilton

Tim Moran

Tino Galizio

Tom Swindell

Tyson Taylor

Xanadude Boston

Yves Larochelle — “Reincarnation of the Colossus” pepper

Zevon Odelberg


3 thoughts on “LobstercoM: Organizer’s Report

  1. This is simply awesome Dave, thank you for brightening the autumn and being a stalwart of the communities. Hope to get the chance to join for the physical Lobstercon some time in the future 🙂

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  2. This is awesome and inspiring Dave, thank you for brightening the autumn and being a stalwart of the communities. Hope to get the chance to join for a physical Lobstercon in the future 🙂


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