LOBSTERCON Organizer’s Report

LOBSTERCON, an Old School Magic tournament hosted by New England Old School, was held on September 29, 2018 at the George Dilboy VFW Post 529 in Davis Square, Somerville, Massachusetts.

The field was 94 players representing 18 states and provinces in the USA and Canada. Old School player groups in attendance included Chicago’s Lords of the Pit, Montreal’s Tundra Wolves, the Quebec City “brew” crew, New York’s Sisters of the Flame, the Fellwar Stoners of DC/Northern VA, the Beasts of the Bay, and the SoCal Deep Spawners.


Deck construction rules for the event followed the recommended B&R list and reprint allowances for 93/94 championed by Eternal Central. The EC Old School rules were used in their entirety, including the sudden death Chaos Orb flip rule to prevent match draws.

The structure of the tournament was seven rounds of straight Swiss pairings, both as a function of available time at the venue and also to produce a clear “winner” of the event.  There was no cut to top 4 or top 8; however, for the seventh and final round, the two X-0 players at Table 1 played a longer match (“3 out of 5” i.e. “first to 3 wins”), setting up a true “final” in a sense.

Catering for the event was provided by local institution Kelly’s Roast Beef, who delivered a total of 56 lobster rolls and 34 bowls of clam chowder for players looking to enjoy a taste of New England during the short lunch break between rounds 3 and 4.

We also had a dedicated cash bar offering a range of libations including a few New England-centric brews: Sam Adams Lager and Sam Adams Octoberfest, Harpoon IPA, and Narragansett.


The event was organized as a fundraiser for Room to Grow in Boston, a non-profit that provides vital services to economically disadvantaged parents and families in Greater Boston. Room to Grow focuses on serving families from just before their child’s birth through age three, supporting them with individualized parenting education and coaching, high-quality baby/toddler supplies, and specialty referrals to community resources to ensure that their children receive a healthy and secure start in life.


All proceeds from LOBSTERCON ticket sales after expenses were donated directly to Room to Grow. In addition, attendees were invited to participate in a baby/toddler supply drive, in which items like clothing, books, toys, feeding supplies, car seats, etc. were donated to Room to Grow in-kind. We also conducted a raffle of unique Old School items, including an engraved leather NEOS playmat, a Khalsa-Brain Retro v5 Spellground, a unique Swords to Plowshares alter done by Jeff Menges specifically for LOBSTERCON, a whole pile of Old School sealed product, a 6×9 Chaos Orb, etc., with 100% of the raffle ticket sales going directly to the charity as well.

All told, the players at LOBSTERCON donated baby/toddler items valued at more than $734, plus another $2,381 in cash generated from event ticket sales and the raffle, for a total of more than $3,116 in support for Room to Grow. The generosity and kindness shown by the Old School Magic community topped even our already very high expectations. On behalf of Room to Grow and the families they serve, and from all of us at New England Old School, thank you!


We had the honor of working with Jeff A. Menges / Skaircrow Graphics for this event, and it was an absolute treat to have Jeff there with us at LOBSTERCON in-person. Jeff created original art and alters for the event playmat and prize support, and he also did signatures, sketches, and alters for players over the course of the afternoon. Having one of the original Magic artists in our midst was wonderful, and a singular opportunity for the community to show our love and appreciation for the iconic contributions that Jeff made to the game in those early years, and for his very passionate and friendly engagement with the Magic fan base ever since.


I have been lucky enough to travel to Pittsburgh (EC Old School @ Eternal Weekend), Gothenburg (n00bcon X), and Chicago (Old School Player’s Ball) over the past year, and I can freely and humbly admit that I was standing on the shoulders of giants in organizing this event, and did my best to honor and carry forward the already very rich traditions fostered by Old School player-organizers like Magnus de Laval, Jason Jaco, Bob Agra, and Lorenzo Novaro. LOBSTERCON followed in the spirit of these Gatherings with the aim to share both New England style Old School and New England style clam chowder with our fellow 93/94 players from other regions.

I am constantly humbled by the generosity, goodwill, and passion shown by players all over the world who love 93/94 Magic and give freely of their time and energy to what is now a thriving global community supported almost exclusively by player-organized events. The list of people to thank is quite long, but I’ll still attempt it — to our dedicated judge for the day, Josh Frankel, who ran a damn tight ship; to Jeff Menges, for our thoroughly enjoyable collaboration over the past several months; to Josh Tingley from Room to Grow, a Magic player and gamer in his own right, who was far more than I could have asked for in a charity contact; to Michelle from Gamingetc and Mike and Julian from Diamonds Mined, who provided a ton of value to the players with Old School inventory at their tables all day long, as well as some donated prize support; to Bryan Manolakos, Stephen Hartford, Adam M-W, Shaun Augeri, Jeff Grasso, D.J. Seco, Nick Batista, FRDT, Benoit Seveno, Eric Dupuis (Old Gods Gaming Accessories), Tim McMath, Shaman Ben, and probably half a dozen people I’m forgetting who all generously donated cards and items for use as prizes and raffle bait; to all of the Homarid Warriors who jumped in to help at various points over the weekend, including but definitely not limited to Jared, Jason Williams, Moss, Xanadude, Ryan Lesko, Mark Price, Scott, Curt, Will M, and 8_bit Paul; to Lord Agra and Lord Maldo for the vendor hook-ups and general good advice; to Ravi and Tino; to Lorenzo for our chat that night during the n00bcon X Top 8 when visions of lobsters were just a glimmer in my eye; to Magnus and Jaco, for obvious reasons.


Pitcast Episode 5 — Lobstercon

All Tings Considered Episode 32: Lobstercon — The Rack

All Tings Considered Episode 33: Danny Friedman — Potpourri




lc18 final standings.png

And now, on to the deck photos!


HONORABLE MENTION: Paul Kovalov, Scimitar Surprise!

SpiceHM - Paul Kovalov Scimitar Surprise

HONORABLE MENTION: Matt Mucci, Crypt Seeker

SpiceHM - Matt Mucci Crypt Seeker

8th MOST SPICY: Benoit Seveno, Turbo-Pumpkin

Spice08 - Benoit Seveno Turbo Pumpkin

7th MOST SPICY: Geoff Willard, Atog Minus Atog

Spice07 - Geoff Willard Atog Minus Atog

6th MOST SPICY: Adam Merkado-Weiss, Stormy Mishra

Spice06 - Adam MW Stormy Mishra

5th MOST SPICY: Derek Stafford, Serpent Sindbad feat. Jump

Spice05 - Derek Stafford Serpent Sindbad feat Jump

4th MOST SPICY: Stephen Hartford, Blue Counter-Rack

Spice04 - Stephen Hartford Blue Counter-Rack

3rd MOST SPICY: Nick Batista, Angelic Abyss

Spice03 - Nick Batista Angelic Abyss

2nd MOST SPICY: Christian Arcand, Arboria Control feat. Master of the Hunt

Spice02 - Christian Arcand Arboria Control feat Master of the Hunt

1st MOST SPICY: Jason Beaupre, Tidal Vortex

Spice01 - Jason Beaupre Tidal Vortex


8th PLACE: Danny Kelly, UWb Cat Control {2x Underground Sea behind cat}

Spike08 - Danny Kelly Cat UWb

7th PLACE: Will Magrann, A Tog

Spike07 - Will Magrann Atog

6th PLACE: Dave Firth Bard, Spice Rack

Spike06 - Dave Firth Bard Spice Rack

5th PLACE: François R Derbas Thibodeau, The Pain Train

Spike05 - Francois R Derbas Thibodeau The Pain Train

4th PLACE: Ryan Lesko, URb Atog

Spike04 - URb Atog

3rd PLACE: Blake Burkholder, UWb

Spike03 - Blake Burkholder UWb

2nd PLACE: Danny Friedman, Apex Predator aka The Deck

Spike02 - Danny Friedman Apex Predator aka The Deck

1st PLACE: Bryan Manolakos, Spice Rack

Spike01 - Bryan Manolakos Spice Rack



(alphabetical order by first name)

Albert Iemma – UG Berserk

Albert Iemma - UG Berserk

Andrew Oliva – Grixis Brawl feat. Sol’Kanar

Andrew Oliva - Grixis Brawl feat SolKanar

Andrew Walker – RUG Burn

Andrew Walker - RUG Burn.jpg

Ben Wagnon – Grixis Disco

Ben Wagnon - Grixis Disco.jpg

Bob Agra – Grixis Disco

Bob Agra - Grixis Disco.jpeg

Brendan Cox – UWR

Brendan Cox - UWR.jpg

Brett Attmore – Grixis Toys

Brett Attmore - Grixis Toys.jpeg

Brian Fay – Ape Djinn in the Library aka RG Berserk

Brian Fay - Ape Djinn in the Library aka RG Berserk.jpg

Brian Urbano – URb DibTog

Brian Urbano - URb DibTog.jpeg

Brian Wilson – Scorched Earth Policy aka Jund Ponza

Brian Wilson - Scorched Earth Policy aka Jund Ponza.jpg

Caleb Rogers – Mono Black

Caleb Rogers - Mono Black.jpg

Curt Christian – The Deck

Curt Christian - The Deck.jpg

Dan Courcy – White Weenie

Dan Courcy - White Weenie.jpg

Daniel Paulsen – Grixis Goblins

Daniel Paulsen - Grixis Goblins.JPG

Dave Dupont – URb Burn

Dave Dupont - URb Burn.jpg

Derrick Boyce – Esper Midrange

Derrick Boyce - Esper Midrange.JPG

D.J. Seco – Disco Inferno aka Grixis Disco

DJ Seco - Disco Inferno.jpg

Drew Epstein — Ohh It Hurts! aka URw Twiddle Burn

Drew Epstein - Ohh It Hurts aka URw Twiddle Burn.jpg

Eric Dupuis – Hymn Keeper

Eric Dupuis - Hymn Keeper.jpeg

Erik Wittern – UG Berserk

Erik Wittern - UG Berserk.jpeg

Evan Johnson – BR Con-Troll

Evan Johnson - BR Con-Troll.jpeg

Evan Smith – UWg Beats

Evan Smith - UWg Beats.jpeg

Gary Steffens – Grixis Disco

Gary Steffens - Grixis Disco.jpg

Greg Kotscharjan – UW Control

Greg Kotscharjan - UW Control.jpeg

Greg Titcomb – UWR Eye for an Eye

Greg Titcomb - UWR Eye for an Eye.jpg

Howard Jones – Pink Weenie

Howard Jones - Pink Weenie.jpeg

Ian McKeown – RUG Angel Zoo

Ian McKeown - RUG Angel Zoo.jpg

Jackie Kenty – UBA aka Ub Shops

Jackie Kenty - UBA aka Ub Shops.jpg

James Duncan – The Deck

James Duncan - The Deck.jpg

James Lebak – Nayageddon

James Lebak - Nayageddon.jpeg

Jared Doucette – Bantamgeddon

Jared Doucette - Bantamgeddon.jpeg

Jason Dorman – Mono Black Midrange

Jason Dorman - Mono Black Midrange.jpg

Jason Morawksi – Tax Tower Tetravus

Jason Morawski - Tax Tower Tetravus.jpg

Jason Seaman – Troll Control aka Grixis Disco

Jason Seaman - Troll Control aka Grixis Disco.jpg

Jason Williams – Atog Ball

Jason Williams - Atog Ball.jpeg

Jeff Grasso – Air Traffic Control aka UW Skies

Jeff Grasso - Air Traffic Control aka UW Skies.jpeg

Jim Apostolakes – White Weenie

Jim Apostolakes - White Weenie.jpg

Jordan Goodwin – RUG Berserker

Jordan Goodwin - RUG Berserker.jpg

Joseph Mozer – RG Aggro

Joseph Mozer - RG.jpg

Karl Rivest Harnois – URb Counterburn

Karl Rivest Harnois - URb Counterburn.jpeg

Kramer Lawson – Alpha 60

Kramer Lawson - Alpha 60.jpg

Louis-Gabriel Emond – Grixis Disco

Louis-Gabriel Emond - Troll Disco.jpg

Luke Zinnen – Tax Edge Combo/Control

Luke Zinnen - Tax Edge Combo-Control.jpg

Marc Flore – RG Berserk

Marc Flore - RG Berserk.jpg

Mark Price – Robots and Nightmares aka Big UWR feat. Rasputin

Mark Price - Robots and Nightmares.jpeg

Mark Seccareccia – VGBB aka Twiddle Attack

Mark Seccareccia - VGBB aka Twiddle Attack.jpg

Mark Shanly – Rotten Orb aka GB Aggro

Mark Shanly - Rotten Orb aka GB Aggro.jpg

Matt Moss – 5C Juzams

Matt Moss - 5C Juzams.jpeg

Matthew Deering – Esper Shops

Matthew Deering - Esper Shops.jpg

Nathaniel Houle – East of the River Blackblade aka Esper Control

Nathaniel Houle - East of the River Blackblade aka Esper Control.jpg

Nicky Scars – UR Burn feat. Inferno

Nicky Scars - Burn.jpeg

Paul DeSilva – RUG

Paul DeSilva - RUG.jpeg

Paul Paloglou – UB Tempo

Paul Paloglou - UB Tempo.jpg

Pete Lankering – UWb

Pete Lankering - UWb.jpeg

Peter Broadbridge – Ali Cloak

Peter Broadbridge - Ali Cloak.jpeg

Petr Bocak – Junk

Petr Bocak - Junk.jpeg

Ravi Prasad – GW Aggro

Ravi Prasad - GW Aggro.jpg

Rich Shay – Dark Keeper

Rich Shay - Dark Keeper.jpeg

Robert Westergaard – White Weenie

Robert Westergaard - White Weenie.jpg

Ryan Arnold – UB Beats

Ryan Arnold - UB Beats.jpg

Scott Bradley – Mirrorball

Scott Bradley - Mirrorball.jpeg

Shaun Augeri – Lich Better Have My Money

Shaun Augeri - Lich Better Have My Money.jpeg

Stephen Maldonado – Pink Weenie

Stephen Maldonado - Pink Weenie.jpg

Stephen Preston – GB O’Brien Void

Stephen Preston - GB OBrien Void.jpg

Tim McMath – UR Counterburn

Tim McMath - UR Counterburn.jpeg

Tim Moran – Lions Dragons Efreets Oh My! aka UWR Midrange

Tim Moran - Lions Dragons Efreets Oh My aka UWR Midrange.jpg

Tino Galizio – Mono Black Rack

Tino Galizio - Mono Black Rack.jpeg

Tyler Etters – Naya Aggro

Tyler Etters - Naya Aggro.jpeg

Uric Simard III – Grosse rougeur aka Big Red

Uric Simard III - Grosse rougeur aka Big Red.jpg

Xanadude – Esper Goodstuff

Xanadude - Esper Goodstuff.jpeg

Yan Desmeules – Fatblack EC

Yan Desmeules - Fatblack EC.jpg

Yanick Blanchet – UWG

Yanick Blanchet - UWG.jpeg