The Pestilence Open: Organizer’s Report

The Pestilence Open, a one-day webcam Old School Magic tournament, was held on Saturday, March 28. A total of 52 players representing at least six or seven different countries and more than a dozen U.S. states participated. The structure of the event was straight Swiss pairings, 50-minute rounds, just as one might expect at a “real-life” paper tournament. All of the matches for the event were played using Whereby, the video chat platform of choice for the 93/94 webcam scene.

a really good king turn


The story of the Pestilence Open is — at least partially — an obituary for the 2020 Hartford Old School Festival, which had been scheduled for March 28 at an Elks lodge in Manchester, Connecticut. More than 80 players had pre-registered for the tournament’s main events (Premodern and Atlantic 93/94). Unfortunately, given the rapid spread of COVID-19 in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, etc. by early March, the tournament was cancelled, along with so many other plans and events, as social and civic life in New England ground to a screeching halt over the week of March 9th and the days that followed.

Finding ourselves under a dark cloud of isolation in a time of “social distancing,” there was at least a silver lining for 93/94 players: the Old School community already had a very established custom of playing games of Magic via webcam. Pick-up games of webcam 93/94 have been played since at least 2015, pioneered by Italian players like Filippo Caccia and Andrea Braida, and the first more structured Old School events played on Skype and other video chat platforms began in 2016, with activities organized by e.g. Andrea Canessa, Gordon Andersson, and Markus Lundqvist. And from there, several webcam tournament series have proliferated and grown considerably over the past four years. The primary clearinghouse for webcam games on Facebook, the OLD SCHOOL 93-94 MTG Webcam Player Community, now counts more than 1,300 players among its ranks. If any group of tabletop gaming hobbyists could find a way to keep things moving in a time of digital-only social interaction, Old School Magic players would surely be leading the charge.

With the Hartford tournament cancelled, it only made sense to offer a digital replacement event. And so, the Pestilence Open was born.


This felt like a rather ambitious event, from a logistical standpoint. Despite having plenty of experience with organizing both in-person events and webcam tournaments, I had never attempted anything like this.

Why not? The reason is that it’s really hard, bordering on incorrect, to ask dozens of people to carve out a solid, six- or seven-hour block of time in their own homes, during which they must essentially be chained to their computers to play Magic. At a regular in-person event, you’re physically in a different space, and playing back-to-back Swiss rounds for several hours is what you signed up for. With a webcam event, you’re physically at home. Your significant other/your kids/your roommates/your pets/your other responsibilities are right in front of you, rightfully demanding attention. It’s almost impossible to fully commit. Previous attempts to do this (admittedly, in the heady early days of 2016) failed miserably.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the enabling environment for a one-day webcam tournament in two ways. First, the Pestilence Open was presented as an exact 1-to-1 replacement for a cancelled event, in this case, the Hartford Old School Festival. The webcam tournament was held on a day that players had already planned to travel and be away from home. And second, the self-isolation and “shelter in place” orders meant that players literally had nowhere else to be except home — stuck at home, with their cards, and their computers.

With those specific conditions, and some added commitment from each player in the form of a nominal $10 entry fee, I’m proud to say that we pulled it off. Overall, the event ran smoothly, rounds started on time and we kept a pretty tight pace throughout the day.

I can share two lessons learned from this event for other organizers:

The 50-person Whereby room isn’t worth the money. We sprang for the “Business” package from Whereby for this event, which provided 10 high-bandwidth rooms, including one that was supposed to be able to handle 50 participants. It didn’t. So the planned announcements, walk-through of logistics, and roll call from the players didn’t go according to plan. If I had to do it again, I would find another solution (Zoom or GoToWebinar or similar) to hold a kick-off meeting for all of the players.

Pre-assign Whereby room links to each pairing. This was the single most important innovation that I think made the event run smoothly. Each “table” pairing had a Whereby room assigned at the time that pairings were posted. So, the players simply had to find their name, take note of their opponent, and click a link directly next to their names in order to enter their room. This almost entirely eliminated the need for players to contact each other on separate messaging platforms. It also made it possible for me to pop in to check on specific “tables” to remind players to go to turns, after time in the round was reached. For future one-day webcam events using Swiss pairings, pre-assigning the rooms for each pairing should be considered a best practice.

The only other thing I’ll say here is that I really missed seeing all of the players in-person. I participated myself, and I enjoyed sharing matches with six of the players over the course of the day. But if I do it again, I want to do more to encourage players chatting/hanging out virtually in between rounds. I cherished every little bit of flavor from the day that players shared with me. For instance:

Ben Katz’s mission critical tallies for the day.



Giving back to our community remains a focus for New England Old School, and charitable contribution is part-and-parcel of the Old School Magic experience. Our designated non-profit partner for the Hartford Old School Festival was Boys & Girls Clubs of Hartford. When the event was cancelled, entry fees were refunded to the players by default, but about half of the players opted to convert their entry fees into donations to the charity. As a result, I’m thrilled to share that $1,097.80 will be donated to The Boys & Girls Clubs of Hartford. This total exceeds last year’s contribution to BGC Hartford from the same event… not bad for a tournament that didn’t happen!

For the Pestilence Open, entry fees were collected with the goal of making a modest contribution to The Boston Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund. In an act of unheralded and spectacular generosity, one of the players from the event anonymously volunteered to match, dollar-for-dollar, all entry fees collected for the event. With that incredible gesture effectively doubling our take for the day, I’m humbled to report that $1,050 will be donated to The Boston Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund on behalf of New England Old School.

And so, our grand total across the two events — one cancelled, one virtual — is an amazing $2,147.80 donated to charities in Connecticut and Greater Boston. To our friends near and far, from everyone who is a part of New England Old School, thank you. Thank you. Thank you.



pestilence open standings



8th Place: Jason Beaupre

08 Jason Beaupre.jpg


7th Place: Mark Evaldi

07 Mark Evaldi.jpg


6th Place: Blake Burkholder – “Sylvan Keeper” pepper

06 Blake Burkholder.jpeg


5th Place: Brett Attmore

05 Brett Attmore.jpeg


4th Place: Seth Roncoroni

04 Seth Roncoroni.jpg


3rd Place: Mike Frantz

03 Mike Frantz.jpg


2nd Place: Danny Friedman

02 Danny Friedman.jpeg


1st Place: Christopher Zach

01 Christopher Zach.jpeg




(alphabetical by first name)

Andrés Hojman

Andres Hojman.jpeg


Andrew Mattus

Andrew Mattus.jpeg


Andy Baquero – “Dark Orders” pepper SPICEMASTER AWARD

Andy Baquero.jpeg


Ben Katz

Ben Katz.jpg


Brian Bogdon

Brian Bogdon.jpg


Bryan Manolakos – “Hurkyl’s Storm” pepper

Bryan Manolakos.jpg


Carl Bjornstad

Carl Bjornstad.jpg


Charles Klein

Charles Klein.jpeg


Chris McCubbin

Chris McCubbin.jpg


Christian Aguanno

Christian Aguanno.jpeg


Christian Reinhard

Christian Reinhard.jpeg


Chuck Lignelli – “Dingus Deck” pepper

Chuck Lignelli.png


Danny Kelly

Danny Kelly.jpg


Dave Firth Bard



Dominic Dotterrer



Duncan Devlin

Duncan Devlin.jpeg


Edo Hoksbergen – “Powerless Gentleman Robots” pepper

Edo Hoksbergen.jpg


Gerard Siatkowski

Gerard Siatkowski.jpeg


James Lebak

James Lebak.jpeg


Jason Dorman – “Unstable Goblins” pepper

Jason Dorman.jpg


Jason Schwartz

Jason Schwartz.jpg


Jeff Grasso

Jeff Grasso.jpeg


Jimmy Cooney

Jimmy Cooney.jpeg


Joel Bowers

Joel Bowers.jpg


Jon Dittert

Jon Dittert.jpg


Jon Patton – “Everything’s A Dollar” pepper

Jon Patton.jpg


Jonathan King

Jonathan King.jpg


Jorgo Vanhees

Jorgo Vanhees.jpg


Koos Cramer

Koos Cramer.jpeg


Levi Baumgardner

Levi Baumgardner.jpg


Luke Zinnen

Luke Zinnen.jpg


Matt Mucci

Matt Mucci.JPG


Michael Scheffenacker

Michael Scheffenacker.jpeg


Noah Keating

Noah Keating.jpg


Patrick Quinn

Patrick Quinn.jpg


Rich Bourque

Rich Bourque.jpeg


Ron Dijkstra

Ron Dijkstra.jpg


Ryan Rudolph

Ryan Rudolph.JPG


Scott Bradley

Scott Bradley.jpeg


Tim Moran

Tim Moran.jpeg


Tom Swindell

Tom Swindell.jpg


Will Magrann

Will Magrann.jpeg


Will Parshall

Will Parshall.jpg


Wouter Jansen

Wouter Jansen.jpeg




2020 Old School Magic Winter Derby Results and Deck Photos


The 4th annual Winter Derby is in the books! This year’s event saw 164 participants, representing 18 countries (Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Myanmar, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States) spread across 13 different time zones. Over the span of six weeks, we played roughly 600 matches of Old School Magic via webcam.

The 2020 Winter Derby was conducted under the Pacific 93/94 B&R list, allowing the full range of original art/old card frame re-prints (Revised, 4th/Chronicles, CE/IE, FBB/FWB, etc). As with past Derby series events, our tournament had no entry fee and no prize support, so the stakes were simply glory and bragging rights for the winner.

galen vs thomas

Pairings were released in two batches over the month of January, with all participants asked to schedule and play eight individual matches in about four weeks. After the batches were completed, we cut to Top 16 and played out a single-elimination bracket. The Winter Derby Finals were played on February 2nd, and featured Quinn Maurmann (USA, The Deck) versus Anne Joldersma (Netherlands, Workshops).

anne vs quinn
The Winter Derby Finals, streamed live on Twitch by Mise Well Watch, with commentary from Will Magrann and Mike VanDyke. Click through for VOD.

After all was said and done, Quinn Maurmann took the match 3-0, and was named the Winter Derby Champion for 2020! Congratulations to Quinn and the Emerald City Trolls, to all of the Top 16 finalists, and thank you, again, to all of the players who participated. Special thanks must also go out once again to the inimitable Antonio Rodríguez for designing our new Derby series logo and Winter Derby banner, and Mattias “Slanfan” Berggren for developing a bespoke “batch pairings” tool for use in tournaments of this format, making it much, much easier to process the results of several hundred matches behind the curtain. The Derby series has become a fun semi-annual celebration for the international Old School Magic scene, and these contributions and the cooperation of all of the players goes a long way toward making it possible.

For anyone interested in future events, or just trying out webcam Old School Magic for the first time, please consider joining our online community of players! People are always looking for pick-up games in our Facebook group and in the #down-to-play channel on the Old School Discord.


The Spice Files: Winter Derby — Beasts of the Bay

Winter Derby 2020 Tournament Report – 2nd Place — Anne Joldersma

The Winter Derby 2020 Tournament Report — Tom Simons

All Tings Considered Episode 101: Orgg 101


2020 winter derby standings


9-16th Place: John Grudzina (14)

14 John Grudzina.jpg


9-16th Place: Thomas Ribet (13)

13 Thomas Ribet.jpeg


9-16th Place: Richard Stebbing (12)

12 Richard Stebbing.jpeg


9-16th Place: Paul DeSilva (11)

11 Paul DeSilva.jpeg


9-16th Place: Tobias Mieth (10)

10 Tobias Mieth.jpeg


9-16th Place: Laurent Rippert (8)

08 Laurent Rippert.jpg


9-16th Place: Levi Baumgardner (2)

02 Levi Baumgardner.jpg


9-16th Place: Gerard Siatkowski (1)

01 Gerard Siatkowski.jpeg


5-8th Place: Michael Scheffenacker (15)

15 Michael Scheffenacker.png


5-8th Place: Mathias Helmbold (9)

09 Mathias Helmbold.jpg


5-8th Place: Mike VanDyke (6)

06 Mike VanDyke.jpeg


5-8th Place: Jordan Boyle (5)

05 Jordan Boyle.jpg


3-4th Place: Bryan Manolakos (7)

07 Bryan Manolakos.jpg


3-4th Place: Galen Lemei (4)

04 Galen Lemei.jpg


2nd Place: Anne Joldersma (16)

16 Anne Joldersma.jpeg


1st Place: Quinn Maurmann (3)

03 Quinn Maurmann.jpg




(alphabetical order by first name)

Aaron Steele — “I Hope This Helps You” pepper

Aaron Steele.jpeg


Adam Jourdan

Adam Jourdan.jpeg


Adam Merkado — “Angelic Abyss” pepper

Adam Merkado.jpeg


Alexandr Tsukanov

Alexandr Tsukanov.jpeg


Alistair Ingram

Alistair Ingram.jpg


Andrew Mattus

Andrew Mattus.jpeg


Andrew Walker

Andrew Walker.jpg


Andy Swaffar

Andy Swaffar.jpeg


Arnaud Aubert

Arnaud Aubert.jpg


Aurélien Théry

Aurelien Thery.jpg


Ben Katz

Ben Katz.jpg


Ben Revell

Ben Revell.jpeg


Brett Attmore

Brett Attmore.jpeg


Brian Limbacher — “Arabian COP Blue” pepper

Brian Limbacher.jpeg


Cam Roberts

Cam Roberts.jpeg


Charles Klein

Charles Klein Winter Derby 2019 Deck Photo.jpg


Chris Adcock

Chris Adcock.jpeg


Chris Ward

Chris Ward.jpeg


Christian Lieb

Christian Lieb.JPG


Christian Reinhard

Christian Reinhard.jpeg


Christopher Mason

Chris Mason.jpeg


Cliff Mathieson

Cliff Mathieson.jpg


Constantine Prishvitsin

Constantine Prishvitsin.jpg


D. Scott Brauner

D Scott Brauner.jpeg


Daniel Anschutz

Daniel Anschutz.jpg


Daniel Yann Franzén

Daniel Yann Franzen.jpg


Dave Firth Bard

Dave Firth Bard.jpg


David Holler

David Holler.jpeg


David Rohwedder

David Rohwedder.jpeg


David Tully

David Tully.jpeg


Don Perrien

Don Perrien.jpg


Douglas McMahon

Douglas McMahon.jpeg


Drew Epstein

Drew Epstein.jpg


Edwin Tracy

Edwin Tracy.jpg


Erik Johnson

Erik Johnson.jpg


Erik Olstad

Erik Olstad.jpeg


Evan Hofmann — BUG Venom Void pepper

Evan Hofmann.jpg


Florian von Bredow

Florian von Bredow.jpeg


Frédérique Lafoux

Frederique Lafoux.jpg


Gabe Farkas

Gabriel Farkas.JPG


Gaetan Zell

Gaetan Zell.jpeg


Gordon Fjeldsted

Gordon Fjeldsted.jpg


Greg Titcomb — “Death Valley” pepper

Greg Titcomb.jpg


Gregor Sammsa

Gregor Sammsa.jpg


Henning Østergaard

Henning Ostergaard.jpg


Hugo Borges

Hugo Borges.jpg


Ivan Bari — “Mob Presence” pepper

Ivan Bari.jpg


J Lager

Jacob Lager.jpg


James Lebak

James Lebak.jpeg


Jared Doucette

Jared Doucette.jpeg


Jared Miller

Jared Miller.jpg


Jason Applin

Jason Applin.jpg


Jason Bain

Jason Bain.jpg


Jason Collins

Jason Collins.jpg


Jason Dorman

Jason Dorman.jpg


Jason Morawski

Jason Morawski.jpg


Jason Paul

Jason Paul.jpg


Jason Schwartz

Jason Schwartz.jpg


Jason Seaman

Jason Seaman.JPG


Jay Peine

Jay Peine.jpg


Jean Curci

Jean Curci.jpg


Jeff Dehnhardt

Jeff Dehnhardt.jpeg


Jeff Grasso

Jeff Grasso.jpeg


Jeff Liu — “Rasputin’s Coffin” pepper

Jeff Liu.jpeg


Jeff Watkins

Jeff Watkins.jpg


Jeff White

Jeff White.jpeg


Jesse Compton

Jesse Compton.jpg


Joe Becica

Joseph Becica.jpg


John McNulty

John McNulty.jpeg


Jon Dittert

Jon Dittert.jpg


Jon Tschida

Jon Tschida.jpeg


Jonathan King

Jonathan King.jpeg


Justin Flynn

Justin Flynn.jpg


Kevin Vanier

Kevin Vanier.jpg


Koos Cramer

Koos Cramer.jpeg


Laurence Boulanger

Laurence Boulanger.jpg


Marc Flore

Marc Flore.jpg


Mark Jonovitch

Mark Jonovich.jpg


Mark Price

Mark Price.jpeg


Martin Purrio

Martin Purrio.jpg


Masayuki Higashi

Masayuki Higashi.jpg


Matt Mucci

Matt Mucci.jpg


Mattias Berggren — “Dead Eggs Don’t Fly” pepper

Mattias Berggren.jpeg


Max Schroeder

Max Schroeder.jpg


Michael Angelo Russo

Michael Angelo Russo.JPG


Michael Schroers

Michael Schroers.jpeg


Mike Frantz

Mike Frantz.jpg


Mike Keith

Mike Keith.jpg


Mike Kukovec

Mike Kukovec.jpg


Mike McLaughlin

Mike McLaughlin.jpeg


Nicolai Rasmussen

Nicolai Rasmussen.jpg


Nicolas Imwinkelried

Nicolas Imwinkelried.jpg


Park Cofield

Park Cofield.jpeg


Pascal Martin

Pascal Martin.jpg


Pascal Piché

Pascal Piche.jpg


Patrick Howse

Patrick Howse.jpeg


Patrick Quinn

Patrick Quinn.jpg


Patrick van Beek — “Burn ‘n Barbs” pepper

Patrick van Beek.jpeg


Paul Fiero — “Juxta Pile” pepper

Paul Fiero.jpg


Paul Kovalov

Paul Kovalov.jpg


Peter Monten

Peter Monten.jpg


Pez Unholy

Pez Unholy.jpg


Phillip Dow

Phillip Dow.jpg


Rajah James

Rajah James.jpeg


Rémi Ouellette

Remi Ouellette.jpg


Rich Bourque — “Mono Blue Psychic Control” pepper

Rich Bourque.jpeg


Robert Vawter

Robert Vawter.png


Robert Wyatt

Robert Wyatt.jpeg


Ryan Gresco — Hazebond! pepper

Ryan Gresco.jpeg


Ryan O’Burke

Ryan OBurke.JPEG


Ryan Rudolph

Ryan Rudolph.jpeg


Ryan Woodworth

Ryan Woodworth.jpeg


Ryan Working

Ryan Working.jpg


Scott Bradley — Weakstone Song pepper

Scott Bradley.jpg


Seth Roncoroni

Seth Roncoroni.jpg


Shawn Sullivan

Shawn Sullivan.jpeg


Stephen Di Donato

Stephen Di Donato.jpg


Stephen Williams

Stephen Williams.jpg


Stu Scathezombie

Stu Scathezombie.jpg


Svante Landgraf

Svante Landgraf.jpg


Sylvain Billon

Sylvain Billon.jpg


TC Chaisson

TC Chiasson.jpg


Thomas Sutherland

Thomas Sutherland Borja.jpeg


Tim Moran

Tim Moran.jpeg


Tim Stutzer

Tim Stutzer.jpg


Tom Simons

Tom Simons.jpeg


Tomasz Ksel

Tomasz Ksel.jpg


Tony Tran

Tony Tran.jpeg


Tyson Taylor

Tyson Taylor.jpeg


Vince Baleka

Vince Baleka.jpg


Will Magrann

Will Magrann.jpeg


Will Reddy

Will Reddy.jpeg


Winston Wood

Winston Wood.jpeg


Wouter Jansen

Wouter Jansen.jpeg


Zachary Dooling

Zachary Dooling.jpg




LOBSTERCON 2: Organizer’s Report

LOBSTERCON 2: The Quest for the Pearl Trident, an Old School Magic tournament hosted by New England Old School, was held on September 21, 2019 at the George Dilboy VFW Post 529 in Davis Square, Somerville, Massachusetts.

The field was 122 players representing 23 U.S. states and Canadian provinces, England, and The Netherlands. Old School player groups in attendance included Chicago’s Lords of the Pit, Montreal’s Tundra Wolves, the Quebec City Brew Crew, New York’s Sisters of the Flame, London’s Brothers of Fire, Old Order Old School of South Central Pennsylvania, Ottawa’s Capital Chaos, the Fellwar Stoners of DC/Northern VA, the Beasts of the Bay, the Emerald City Trolls, and the Knights of Thorn.

Eight players remaining at X-0 wearing their ceremonial bibs.

Deck construction rules for the event followed the Atlantic B&R list, along with the reprint allowances for 93/94 championed by Eternal Central. The structure of the tournament was seven rounds of straight Swiss pairings, both as a function of available time at the venue and also to arrive at a clear “winner” of the event. There was no cut to Top 4 or Top 8; however, for the seventh and final round, the two X-0 players at Table 1 played a longer match (“3 out of 5” i.e. “first to 3 wins”), setting up a true “final match.” No match draws were allowed; draws were settled by Chaos Orb flips, in accordance with local customs.

Catering for the event was provided by local institution Kelly’s Roast Beef, which delivered a total of 83 lobster rolls and 41 bowls of clam chowder for players looking to enjoy a taste of New England during the short lunch break between rounds 3 and 4.


We also had a dedicated cash bar offering a range of libations including a few New England-centric brews like Sam Adams, Narragansett, and Harpoon IPA.


The event was organized as a fundraiser for Room to Grow in Boston, a non-profit that provides vital services to economically disadvantaged parents and families in Greater Boston. Room to Grow focuses on serving families from just before their child’s birth through age three, supporting them with individualized parenting education and coaching, high-quality baby/toddler supplies, and specialty referrals to community resources to ensure that their children receive a healthy and secure start in life.


All proceeds from LOBSTERCON ticket sales after expenses were donated directly to Room to Grow. In addition, attendees were invited to participate in a baby/toddler supply drive, in which items like clothing, books, toys, feeding supplies, car seats, etc. were donated to Room to Grow in-kind. We also conducted a raffle of unique Old School items, including sealed product, alters, books and comics, posters, and various other examples of early 90s Magic memorabilia, with 100% of the raffle ticket sales going directly to the charity as well.

All told, the players at LOBSTERCON donated baby/toddler items valued at $1,489, plus another $5,011 in cash generated from event ticket sales and the raffle, for a total of $6,500 in support for Room to Grow. This amount was more than double our total contribution from LOBSTERCON in 2018 ($3,116)! The generosity and kindness shown by the Old School Magic community absolutely shattered our expectations, which is saying quite a lot at this point. On behalf of Room to Grow and the families they serve, and from all of us at New England Old School, thank you!


We had the honor of working with Bryon “Mutt” Wackwitz for this event, and it was an absolute treat to have him with us at LOBSTERCON in-person. Mr. Wackwitz provided us with some sweet alters, including our top prize for the “most spicy” deck, and was on hand to do signatures, sketches, and alters for players throughout the course of the day. Having an artist from Magic’s earliest days in our midst was wonderful, and a great opportunity for the community to show our love and appreciation for the iconic contributions that Bryon Wackwitz made to the game in those early years, and for his very passionate and friendly engagement with the Magic fan base ever since.



We also had the pleasure of working with Jeff A. Menges / Skaircrow Graphics, who supported our event by signing and altering a stack of Merfolk of the Pearl Trident for the Top 8 and Spicy Top 8 prizes, along with providing our playmat and banner art. Our “Quest for the Pearl Trident” wouldn’t have worked without knowing exactly what the Pearl Trident was, so I asked Jeff to decide, and then he brought it to life! The result was an amazing take on the original art from 1993, with a certain crustacean decoration:




I’m left sitting here in the aftermath of our Quest for the Pearl Trident, simply blown away by the raw enthusiasm, generosity, and spirit of the global Old School Magic community. To everyone who traveled hours to get here, who crossed oceans and continents and international boundaries, or at the very least, a couple of time zones or some bridges with expensive tolls: thank you for going to all of that trouble to be with us. And to our local club members: thank you for coming out in force, thanks for joining us in our efforts to be the best possible hosts, and thank you above all for representing the values of New England Old School. We really are living in the Golden Age of the contemporary Old School movement. Nobody knows what the future holds, but if 2019 represents the high-water mark for this Old School thing we’ve got going on, I think we can safely say we’ve managed to build something truly special and worth fighting for.

I did absolutely none of this alone. Huge thanks to our dedicated judge, Josh Frankel, who made the entire day run smoothly, and for his diligent enforcement of the “Don’t Be A Jagoff” REL. And to “the Josh on my left,” Josh Tingley, the best charity partner a Magic tournament organizer could ever possibly hope for: thanks to you and Room to Grow for giving our event a more noble purpose beyond just playing cards with our friends. Our charitable contributions wouldn’t have been what they were without the incredible outpouring of donations from all corners of the Old School world, so special thanks to Matt Viau, Mike Frantz, Jason Williams, Tino Galizio, Cam Wall, Nick Batista, Shaun Augeri, Ted Kwartler, Akos Czibere, Jason Schwartz, Jimmy and Jeff Johnson, Will Magrann, Matthew Fink of the Magical Hacks, the Brothers of Fire, the Knights of Thorn, Guillaume Soucy and the Quebec City Brew Crew, and Jason Jaco for contributing to the veritable mountain of swag, driving raffle ticket sales and merch purchases that put our fundraising all the way over the top this year.

Thanks to Bryon “Mutt” Wackwitz for traveling from Philadelphia to be with us and work non-stop all day on alters and signatures. Thanks to Jeff Menges for helping me realize my fever dreams of the Pearl Trident and bring it all to life. Thanks to our vendors — Michelle, Mike, Rodney, and their teams for being there to provide so much additional value to the players throughout the day.

And thank you, truly, to the Homarid Warriors, guys like Jared Doucette, Chris Mason, Stephen Hartford, Will Magrann, Xanadude, Paul Kovalov, Andrew Coppellotti, James Lebak, Scott Coughlin, Mitja Held, and everyone else who helped in the run-up to the day, everyone who was there early to help set up, who stayed late to tear down, or just gave me a boost or a hand whenever I needed it. Seriously, thank you. Thank you.



All Tings Considered, Episode 84: LionTog at LOBSTERCON — Rich Shay

Adventures in Crustacean Tricking — Shawn Sullivan, Emerald City Trolls

a period correct, 35mm photo report — Ryan Rudolph, aka @mtgcuriosities

Yanick Blanchet / Quebec Brew Crew

Andrew Callaghan / Old Order Old School

Mark Jonovich

Andrew Oliva / Ready to Role









(click through for complete standings)


14th Most Spicy: Stephen Preston, “Green Walkers”pepper

0spice 14 stephen preston.jpg


13th Most Spicy: Matt Mucci, Coin Flip Tribalpepper

0spice 13 matt mucci coin flip.JPG


12th Most Spicy: Chris McCubbin, All Hallow’s Eureka Lobsterspepper

0spice 12 cubbs all hallows eureka lobster.jpg


11th Most Spicy: Nick Batista, Pro-Red Inferno “Burn the Non-Believers”pepper

0spice 11 nick batista thorn inferno.jpeg


10th Most Spicy: Guillaume Soucy, Candelsurgepepper

0spice 10 guillaume soucy -- candelsurge.jpg


9th Most Spicy: Daniel Paulsen, Stasis Wombat Enchantresspepper

0spice 09 daniel paulsen stasis wombat.JPG


8th Most Spicy: Adam Merkado, Enchantment Recursion/Distresspepper

0spice 08 adam merkado enchantment recursion distress.jpeg


7th Most Spicy: Yves Larochelle, Eureka Lichpepper

0spice 07 yves larochelle.JPG


6th Most Spicy: Andy Baquero, Instill Hordespepper

0spice 06 any baquero instill demon.jpeg


5th Most Spicy: Andrew Oliva, Jandor’s Saddledemonspepper

0spice 05 andrew oliva jandors saddledemons.jpeg


4th Most Spicy: Don Perrien, The Highlander “The Spirit of Connor MacLeod”pepper

0spice 04 don perrien.jpg


3rd Most Spicy: Luke Zinnen, Blight Skull Recursionpepper

0spice 03 luke zinnen blight recursion.jpg


2nd Most Spicy: Jason Beaupre, Consecrate Maze Control “Ron Jeremy AKA Big White Deck”pepper

0spice 02 jason beaupre consecrate maze.jpg


Top Spicy Prize: Marc Flore, Elephant Discopepper

0spice 01 marc flore elephant disco.jpg



8th Place: Ben Katz

08 Ben Katz.jpeg


7th Place: Rich Shay

07 Rich Shay.jpeg


6th Place: Willma Grann*

06 Will Magrann.jpeg


5th Place: Jeff Grasso

05 Jeff Grasso.jpeg


4th Place: Danny Friedman

04 Danny Friedman.jpeg


3rd Place: Paul DeSilva

03 Paul DeSilva.jpeg


2nd Place: Shawn Sullivan

02 Shawn Sullivan.jpeg


1st Place: Ben Wagnon

01 Ben Wagnon.jpg


(alphabetical order by first name)

Akos Czibere

Akos Czibere.jpg


Andrew Callaghan

Andrew Callaghan.jpg


Andrew Coppellotti

Andrew Coppellotti Thelonite Druid.jpg


Andrew Fellows

Andrew Fellows.jpg


Andrew Mattus

Andrew Mattus.jpeg


Andrew Walker

Andrew Walker.jpg


Blake Burkholder

Blake Burkholder.jpeg


Brett Attmore

Brett Attmore.jpeg


Brian Fay

Brian Fay.jpg


Brian Selden

Brian Selden.jpg


Bryan Manolakos

Bryan Manolakos.jpg


Carl Bjornstad

Carl Bjornstad.jpeg


Carter Petray

Carter Petray.jpeg


Christian Arcand

Christian Arcand.jpg


Christopher Mason

Christopher Mason.jpeg


Christopher Skidmore

Christopher Skidmore.jpeg


Daniel Kelly

Danny Kelly.jpg


Dave Dupont

Dave Dupont.jpeg


Dave Firth Bard

Dave Firth Bard.jpg


David Baker

David Baker.jpg


Derek Stafford

Derek Stafford.jpg


Dillon Barfield

Dillon Barfield.jpg


Eli Dionne

Eli Dionne.jpg


Francois R Derbas Thibodeau

Francois RDT.jpeg


Gary Steffens

Gary Steffens.jpg


Geoff Willard

Geoff Willard.jpeg


Greg Titcomb

Greg Titcomb.jpg


Jackie Kenty

Jackie Kenty.jpg


James Duncan

James Duncan.jpg


James Johnson

James Johnson.jpg


James Lebak

James Lebak.jpeg


James Rosenblum

James Rosenblum.jpeg


James Slowikowski

James Slowikowski.jpg


Jared Doucette

Jared Doucette.jpeg


Jared Miller

Jared Miller.jpg


Jason Caron

Jason Caron.jpeg


Jason Dorman

Jason Dorman.jpg


Jason Jaco

Jason Jaco.jpg


Jason Morawski

Jason Morawski.jpg


Jason Schwartz

Jason Schwartz.jpg


Jeff Anand

Jeff Anand.jpg


Jeffrey Johnson

Jeff Johnson.jpg


Jelani Johnson

Jelani Johnson.jpeg


Jessy Pouliot

Jessy Pouliot.jpg


Jimmy Cooney

Jimmy Cooney.jpg


Joe Baddeley

Joe Baddeley.jpeg


John Gehling

John Gehling.jpg


John Longo

John Longo.jpeg


Jonas Twitchen

Jonas Twitchen.jpeg


Justin Dale

Justin Dale.jpg


Justin Iskra

Justin Iskra.jpeg


Kristin O’Malley

Kristin OMalley.jpg


Laurence Boulanger

Laurence Boulanger.jpg


Lawrence Greene

Larry Greene.jpeg


Levi Baumgardner

Levi Baumgardner.jpg


Mackenzie Greene

Mackenzie Greene.jpg


Mari Steinhage

Mari Steinhage.jpeg


Mark Jonovitch

Mark Jonovich.jpg


Martin Pogorzelski

Martin Pogorzelski.jpeg


Matt Asente

Matt Asente.jpg


Matt Marmorato

Matt Marmorato.jpg


Matt O’Brien

Matt OBrien.jpeg


Matthew Eschert

Matt Eschert.jpeg


Matthew Messa

Matthew Messa.jpg


Micah McOwen

Micah McOwen.jpeg


Michael Frantz

Mike Frantz.jpg


Michael Scheffenacker

Michael Scheffenacker.jpeg


Michael-Sean Morgan

Michael-Sean Morgan.jpeg


Mike Wood

Mike Wood


Nate Jones

Nate Jones.jpeg


Nicky Scars

Nicky Scars.jpeg


Paul Kovalov

Paul Kovalov.jpg


Paul Paloglou

Paul Paloglou.jpeg


Pete Lankering

Pete Lankering.jpeg


Philip Dituri

Phil Dituri.jpeg


Richard Stebbing

Richard Stebbing.jpeg


Rob Quimby

Rob Quimby.jpeg


Ryan Gresco

Ryan Gresco.jpeg


Ryan Rudolph

Ryan Rudolph.jpeg


Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams.jpg


Santino Galizio

Tino Galizio.jpeg


Scott Bradley

Scott Bradley.png


Sebastien Dube

Sebastien Dube.jpg


Stephen Hartford

Stephen Hartford.jpeg


Ted Kwartler

Ted Kwartler.jpg


Timothy McMath

Tim McMath.jpeg


Travis Turner

Travis Turner.jpeg


Will Parshall

Will Parshall.jpg


William Self

Will Self.jpeg


Yan Desmeules

Yan Desmeules.jpg


Yanick Blanchet

Yanick Blanchet -- RIP granny.jpeg




2019 Old School Magic Summer Derby Results and Deck Photos


The 3rd annual Summer Derby is in the books! This year’s event saw 144 participants, representing 14 countries (Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States) spread across 10 different time zones. Over the span of six weeks, we played roughly 550 matches of Old School Magic via webcam.

The 2019 Summer Derby was conducted under the Atlantic 93/94 B&R list, allowing the full range of original art/old card frame re-prints (Revised, 4th/Chronicles, CE/IE, FBB/FWB, etc.). As with past Derby series events, our esteemed international sparkling cardboard celebration had no entry fee and no prize support, so the stakes were simply glory and bragging rights for the winner.

Pairings were released in two batches over the month of July, with all participants asked to schedule and play eight individual matches in about four weeks. After the batches were completed, we cut to Top 16 and played out a single-elimination bracket. The Summer Derby Finals were played on August 7th, and featured two Americans, Pez Unholy (UBR Workshops) versus Jared Doucette (Spice Rack).

that balance
A pivotal Balance cast by Jared in game 2 of the finals. Click through for the VOD, produced and archived by Andrew Walker.

After all was said and done, Jared Doucette took the match 3-1, and was named the Summer Derby Champion for 2019! Congratulations to Jared, to all of the Top 16 finalists, and thank you, again, to all of the players who participated. Special thanks must also go out to the inimitable Antonio Rodríguez for designing our new Derby series logo and Summer Derby banner, and Mattias “Slanfan” Berggren for developing a bespoke “batch pairings” tool for use in tournaments of this format, making it much, much easier to process the results of several hundred matches behind the curtain. The Derby series has become a fun semiannual celebration for the international Old School Magic scene, and these contributions and the cooperation of all of the players goes a long way toward making it possible.

For anyone interested in future events, or just trying out webcam Old School Magic for the first time, please consider joining our online community of players! People are always looking for pick-up games in our Facebook group and in the #down-to-play channel on the Old School Discord.


The Spice Files: Summer Derby — Beasts of the Bay

Beating the Atlantic Sea — Christian Reinhard, Urborg Buffet

Summer Derby 2019 — Jon Dittert, Pups McGee

Summer Derby results — Jay Peine, Kitchen Table Old School

All Tings Considered Episode 77: Pez Unholy




9-16th Place: Daniel Anschutz (14)

summer derby 14 - daniel anschutz.jpg


9-16th Place: Michael Angelo Russo (12)

summer derby 12 - michael angelo russo.jpeg


9-16th Place: Chris McCubbin (11)

summer derby 11 - chris mccubbin.jpg


9-16th Place: Michael Scheffenacker (10)

summer derby 10 - michael scheffenacker.jpeg


9-16th Place: Jason Collins (8)

summer derby 08 - jason collins.jpg


9-16th Place: Christian Reinhard (4)

summer derby 04 - christian reinhard.jpeg


9-16th Place: Antoine Rottiers (2)

summer derby 02 - antoine rottiers.JPG


9-16th Place: Jeff Liu (1)

summer derby 01 - jeff liu.jpg


5-8th Place: Koos Cramer (13)

summer derby 13 - koos cramer.jpeg


5-8th Place: Christian Lieb (9)

summer derby 09 - christian lieb.JPG


5-8th Place: Jason Dorman (7)

summer derby 07 - jason dorman.jpg


5-8th Place: Jesse Laidlaw (3)

summer derby 03 - jesse laidlaw.jpeg


3-4th Place: Richard Stebbing (6)

summer derby 06 - richard stebbing.jpeg


3-4th Place: Arnaud Aubert (5)

summer derby 05 - arnaud aubert.jpg


2nd Place: Pez Unholy (15)

summer derby 15 - pez main.jpeg


1st Place: Jared Doucette (16)

summer derby 16 - jared doucette.jpeg



(alphabetical order by first name)

Adam Merkado

19sd Adam Merkado.jpeg


Akos Czibere

19sd Akos Czibere.jpg


Alex Smyk

19sd Alex Smyk.jpg


Alexander Pick

19sd Alexander Pick.jpg


Alexander Tsukanov

19sd Alexander Tsukanov.jpeg


Alistair Ingram

19sd Alistair Ingram.jpg


Andrew Oliva

19sd Andrew Oliva.jpg


Andrew Walker

19sd Andrew Walker.jpg


Andy Roman

19sd Andy Roman.jpeg


Anne Joldersma

19sd Anne Joldersma.jpeg


Ash Anabtawi — Enchantress Toolbox pepper

000 Ash Anabtawi - Enchantress Toolbox.jpg


Aurélien Théry

19sd Aurelien Thery.jpg


Ben Black

19sd Ben Black.jpeg


Ben Katz

19sd Ben Katz.png


Ben Revell

19sd Ben Revell.jpeg


Benjamin Burke

19sd Benjamin Burke.jpg


Brian Limbacher — Eureka, It’s A Field of Honey pepper

000 Brian Limbacher - Eureka Its a Field of Honey.jpg


Bryan Manolakos — Mono U Tempo pepper

000 Bryan Manolakos - Mono U Tempo


Cam Wall

19sd Cam Wall.jpeg


Cedric Jarkovsky

19sd Cedric Jarkovsky.jpeg


Charles Klein

19sd Charles Klein.jpg


Chris Adcock

19sd Chris Adcock.jpeg


Chris Mason

19sd Chris Mason.jpeg


Christoph Rabenseifner

19sd Christoph Rabenseifner.jpg


Cliff Mathieson — Requiem for a Dream pepper

000 Cliff Mathieson - Requiem for a Dream.jpg


Cory Hanson

19sd Cory Hanson.jpg


Craig Winzer

19sd Craig Winzer.jpeg


Daniel Yann Franzén — Demonic Void pepper

000 Daniel Yann Franzen - Demonic Void.jpg


Dave Firth Bard



Dominic Dotterrer

19sd Dominic Dotterer.jpg


Edwin Tracy

19sd Edwin Tracy.jpg


Erik Olstad

19sd Erik Olstad.jpeg


Evan Hofmann — BG Deep Shadow Void pepper

000 Evan Hofmann - BG Deep Shadow Void.jpg


Evan Smith

19sd Evan Smith.jpeg


Florian von Bredow

19sd Florian von Bredow.jpeg


Gabriel Farkas

19sd Gabe Farkas.jpg


Galen Lemei

19sd Galen Lemei.jpg


Gerard Siatkowski

19sd Gerard Siatkowski.jpeg


Greg Titcomb — Wurmshops pepper

000 Greg Titcomb - Wurmshops.jpg


Henk Willemse

19sd Henk Willemse.jpg


Jacob Braun

19sd Jacob Braun.png


James Lebak

19sd James Lebak.jpeg


James Rosenblum

19sd James Rosenblum.jpeg


Jared Miller

19sd Jared Miller.jpg


Jason Bain

19sd Jason Bain.jpg


Jay Peine

19sd Jay Peine.jpg


JC Saavedra

19sd JC Saavedra md.png


Jeff Dehnhardt

19sd Jeff Dehnhardt.jpeg


Jeff Grasso

19sd Jeff Grasso.jpeg


Jeff Watkins

19sd Jeff Watkins.jpg


Jeff White

19sd Jeff White.jpeg


Jeremy Hazard

19sd Jeremy Hazard.jpg


Joe Schacher

19sd Joe Schacher.jpg


Johan Råberg

19sd Johan Rawberg.jpeg


John Paul McNulty

19sd John Paul McNulty.jpeg


Jon Dittert

19sd Jon Dittert.jpg


Jon Tschida

19sd Jon Tschida.jpg


Jonathan Laws

19sd Jonathan Laws.jpg


Jordan Boyle

19sd Jordan Boyle.jpg


Justin Flynn

19sd Justin Flynn.jpg


Justin Iskra

19sd Justin Iskra.jpeg


Laurence Boulanger

19sd Laurence Boulanger.jpg


Levi Baumgardner

19sd Levi Baumgardner.jpg


Luke Zinnen

19sd Luke Zinnen.jpg


Malte Lukas Baum

19sd Malte Lukas Baum.JPG


Marc Flore — Nevinyrral’s Chaos Launcher pepper

000 Marc Flore - Nevinyrrals Chaos Launcher.jpg


Mark Jonovitch

19sd Mark Jonovich.png


Mark Price

19sd Mark Gabriel.jpeg


Martin Purrio

19sd Martin Purrio.jpg


Mathias Helmbold

19sd Mathias Helmbold.jpg


Matt Guido

19sd Matt Guido.jpg


Matt Mucci — TronBond pepper

000 Matt Mucci - TronBond.JPG


Matthew Simon

19sd Matthew Simon.jpg


Mattias Berggren

19sd Mattias Berggren.jpeg


Michael Schroers

19sd Michael Schroerers.JPG


Mike Dunshee

19sd Mike Dunshee.jpeg


Mike VanDyke

19sd Mike VanDyke.jpeg


Nick Cramer

19sd Nick Cramer.JPG


Olga Dushina

19sd Olga Dushina.jpg


Olof Robertsson

19sd Olof Robertsson.jpg


P.J. Melies

19sd PJ Melies.jpeg


Park Cofield

19sd Park Cofield.jpeg


Patrick Harfouche

19sd Patrick Harfouche.jpg


Patrick Howse

19sd Patrick Howse.jpeg


Patrick Quinn

19sd Patrick Quinn.jpeg


Paul DeSilva

19sd Paul DeSilva.jpeg


Paul Fiero — Sleight Force pepper

000 Paul Fiero - Sleight Force.jpg


Paul Kovalov

19sd Paul Kovalov.jpg


Peter Fryland

19sd Peter Fryland.jpeg


Peter Monten

19sd Peter Monten.JPG