2020 Old School Magic Summer Derby Results and Deck Photos


The 4th annual Old School Magic Summer Derby is in the books! This year’s event saw a record-shattering 258 participants, representing 20 countries (Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States) and at least 55 regional Old School clubs spread across 15 different time zones around the world. Over the span of six weeks, we played roughly 981 matches of Old School Magic via webcam.

russo vs vandyke
Quarterfinals action between Michael Angelo Russo (Northern Paladins) and Mike Van Dyke (Beasts of the Bay)

While entry fees were not collected and the Derby series will always remain free to play, we did encourage donations at registration to support Partners in Health, a global nonprofit dedicated to providing a preferential option to the poor in health care. Thanks to contributions from many of the players and $1,200 in matching funds from an anonymous member of the Old School community, I am humbled to report that we raised a total of $3,505.19 in support of Partners in Health’s COVID-19 response efforts around the world.

The Derby series rotates between different 93/94 format variants every six months. Past Derby events have used the Swedish, Eternal Central, Atlantic, and Pacific B&R lists. This instance of the Summer Derby was played using the Atlantic 93/94 B&R list, allowing the full range of original art/old card frame re-prints (Revised, 4th/Chronicles, CE/IE, FBB/FWB, etc.).

Pairings were released in two batches in late June and early July, with all participants asked to schedule and play eight individual matches in about four weeks. After the batches were completed, we cut to Top 16 and played out a single-elimination bracket. The Summer Derby Finals were played on Sunday, August 9th, and featured returning Summer Derby finalist Pez Unholy (USA) on 5C Lion/Dib Burn versus David Third of the Sisters of the Flame (USA, representing the United Kingdom) on The Deck.

pez-vs-david game 3 savage mind twist
David lands a savage Mind Twist in Game 3 of the Summer Derby Finals. Click through for VOD of the complete match.

After all was said and done, David Third took the match 3-2, and was named the Summer Derby Champion for 2020! Congratulations to David and the Sisters of the Flame, to all of the Top 16 finalists, and thank you, again, to all of the players who participated. Thanks very much to our “official” streaming partners for the Top 16 — Rich Bourque, Andy Baquero, Thomas Meddens/Timmy Talks, Simon Rokkjær, Jed Locsin, and Muckystar! And special thanks must also go out once again to the inimitable Antonio Rodríguez for designing the Derby series logo and Summer Derby banner, and Mattias “Slanfan” Berggren for developing a bespoke “batch pairings” tool for use in tournaments of this format, making it much, much easier to process the results of literally one thousand matches behind the curtain. The Derby series has become a fun semi-annual celebration for the international Old School Magic scene, and these contributions and the cooperation of all of the players goes a long way toward making it possible.

For anyone interested in future events, or just trying out webcam Old School Magic for the first time, please consider joining our online community of players! People are always looking for pick-up games in our Facebook group and in the #down-to-play channel on the Old School Discord.



The Spice Files: 2020 Summer Derby — Beasts of the Bay

Summer Derby 2020 — A Tournament Report by Sister David Third

Summer Derby 2020 – Wet Dreams — Jeff White, Quest for the Shark

Summer Derby 2020 — Åland, A bitter perspective on Old School Mtg

Testing Common Advice — Jon Dittert, Pups McGee

All Tings Considered Episode 123: Jeff White and Adam Lemke

All Tings Considered Episode 125: Jeff Liu

Simon Says: DOS 5.0 and Summer Derby — Simon and Henrik (from 20:00)

Top 8 Match: (4) Russo vs VanDyke (12) — cast by Rich Bourque

Batch II Match: David Third vs John Sexton — cast by Andy Baquero



2020 summer derby standings



9-16th Place: John Sexton (16)

16 John Sexton.jpeg


9-16th Place: Ole Rustad (15)

15 Ole Rustad.jpg


9-16th Place: Peter Fryland (13)

13 Peter Fryland


9-16th Place: Jed Locsin (9)

09 Jed Locsin.jpg


9-16th Place: Richard Stebbing (7)

07 Richard Stebbing.jpeg


9-16th Place: Ron Dijkstra (6)

06 Ron Dijkstra


9-16th Place: Jason Pare (5)

05 Jason Pare.jpg


9-16th Place: Michael Scheffenacker (3)

03 Michael Scheffenacker.jpeg


5-8th Place: Thomas Hamilton (14)

14 Thomas Hamilton


5-8th Place: Michael Angelo Russo (4)

04 Michael Angelo Russo.jpeg


5-8th Place: Nicolas Imwinkelried (2)

02 Nicolas Imwinkelried


5-8th Place: Jeff Anand (1)

01 Jeff Anand.jpg


3-4th Place: Mike VanDyke (12)

12 Mike VanDyke.JPEG


3-4th Place: Shawn Sullivan (10)

10 Shawn Sullivan


2nd Place: Pez Unholy (8)

08 Pez Unholy.jpg


1st Place: David Third (11)

11 David Third




(alphabetical order by first name)

A. Wade

A Wade.jpg


Aaron Palaian

Aaron Palaian.jpeg


Aaron Steele

Aaron Steele


Adam Jourdan

Adam Jourdan.jpg


Adam Lemke

Adam Lemke.jpeg


Adam Merkado

Adam Merkado


Agus Arbol

Agus Arbol.jpeg


Akos Czibere

Akos Czibere.jpg


Albert Berg

Albert Berg


Alessandro Ferraris

Alessandro Ferraris UR Artifact Brun.jpg


Alex Smyk

Alex Smyk


Alistair Ingram

Alistair Ingram.jpg


Andres Hojman

Andres Hojman.jpeg


Andrew Lyons

Andrew Lyons


Andrew Walker

Andrew Walker.jpg


Andy Blaufarb

Andy Blaufarb.jpg


Anne Joldersma

Anne Joldersma.jpeg


Arnaud Avenel

Arnaud Avenel


Audun Døssland

Audun Dossland.jpg


Aurelien Thery

Aurelien Thery.jpg


Ben Katz – “Power Initiates” pepper

Ben Katz


Ben Revell

Ben Revell.jpeg


Ben Steiger

Ben Steiger.jpg


Ben Twitchen


Benjamin Van Leerberghe

Benjamin Van Leerberghe.jpg


Brett Attmore

Brett Attmore.jpeg


Brian Bogdon

Brian Bogdon.jpg


Brian Durkin

Brian Durkin.jpeg


Brian Espinoza

Brian Espinoza


Brian Limbacher – “Serving Honey and Eggs for the Legends” pepper

Brian Limbacher.jpg


Brian Vegso

Brian Vegso


Bryan Manolakos

Bryan Manolakos.jpg


Byron Seabolt

Byron Seabolt


Cam Roberts

Cam Roberts.jpeg


Charles Klein

Charles Klein Summer Derby 2020 Deck Photo.jpg


Charles McFadden

Charles McFadden


Chris Adcock

Chris Adcock.jpg


Chris DiRico

Chris DiRico.jpeg


Chris George

Chris George.jpeg


Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor


Christian Reinhard

Christian Reinhard.jpeg


Christopher Mason

Chris Mason.jpeg


Clifford Mathieson

Cliff Matthieson


Constantine Prishvitsin

Constantine Prishvitsin.jpg


Cory Hanson

Cory Hanson


Craig Winzer

Craig Winzer.jpeg


D. Scott Brauner

D Scott Brauner.jpeg


Dakota Martinez

Dakota Martinez


Daniel Anschutz

Daniel Anschutz.jpg


Daniel Braun

Daniel Braun.jpeg


Darin Howard

Darin Howard.jpg


Dave Firth Bard

Dave Firth Bard.jpg


Dennis Bendixen

Dennis Bendixen


Didier Clain

Didier Clain.jpg


Dominic Beaudry

Dominic Beaudry.jpg


Don Perrien

Don Perrien


Douglas McMahon

Douglas McMahon.jpeg


Duncan Devlin

Duncan Devlin.jpeg


Duncan Purves

Duncan Purves.jpeg


Edwin Tracy

Edwin Tracy


Eric Do Couto – BW Martyrs pepper

Eric Do Couto.jpg


Eric Martin

Eric Martin.jpg


Erik Johnson

Erik Johnson.jpg


Erik Olstad

Erik Olstad.jpeg


Erik Östman

Eric Martin


Florian von Bredow

Florian von Bredow.jpeg


Frederique Lafoux

Frederique Lafoux.jpg


Gabe Farkas – “NovaWisp Pillow Fort v2.0” pepper

Gabe Farkas


Gaetan Zell

Gaetan Zell.jpeg


Galen Lemei

Galen Lemei.jpg


Geoff Matteson

Geoff Matteson


Geoffrey Walker

Geoffrey Walker.jpg


Gerard Siatkowski

Gerard Siatkowski.jpeg


Gijsbert Haaksman

Gijsbert Haaksman.jpg


Gordon Fjeldsted

Gordon Fjeldsted


Greg Titcomb

Greg Titcomb.jpg


Gregor Sammsa

Gregor Sammsa.jpg


Guillaume Ettori

Guillaume Ettori


Henk Willemse

Henk Willemse.jpeg


Henning Østergaard

Henning Ostergaard.jpg


Henrik Storm

Henrik Storm.jpeg


Hugo Borges

Hugo Borges


Ian Braun

Ian Braun.jpeg


Jacob Braun

Jacob Braun


Jakob Lager

Jakob Lager.jpg


James Lebak

James Lebak.jpeg


James Onions

James Onion.jpg


James Rosenblum

James Rosenblum.jpeg


Jared Doucette

James Onion


Jared Kohler

Jared Kohler.jpg


Jason Beaupre

Jason Beaupre.jpg


Jason Dorman

Jason Dorman


Jason Keays

Jason Keays.jpg


Jason Schwartz

Jason Schwartz.jpg


Jason Seaman

Jason Seaman


Jason Smart

Jason Smart.jpg


JC Saavedra

JC Saavedra.jpeg


Jeff Dehnhardt

Jeff Dehnhardt


Jeff Grasso

Jeff Grasso.jpeg


Jeff Liu – “Dancing Lords / Footloose” pepper

Jeff Liu.jpg


Jeff Watkins

Jeff Watkins.jpg


Jeff White

Jeff White


Jeffrey Kolowith

Jeffrey Kolowith.jpg


Jeremiah Mohr

Jeremiah Mohr


Jeremy Fraile

Jeremy Fraile.jpeg


Jesse Laidlaw

Jesse Laidlaw


Jimmy Locatelli

Jimmy Locatelli.jpg


João Moreira

Joao Moreira.jpg


Joe Becica

Joe Becica


Joel Bowers

Joel Bowers.jpg


John Grudzina

John Grudzina.jpg


John McNulty

John McNulty


Jon Dittert

Jon Dittert.png


Jon Revell

Jon Revell.jpeg


Jon Tschida

Jon Tschida.jpeg


Jonas Twitchen

Jonas Twitchen.jpg


Jordan Berg

Jordan Berg.jpg


Jordan Boyle

Jordan Boyle.jpg


Joseph Taylor

Joseph Taylor.jpeg


Julien Raeis

Julien Raeis.jpg


Justin Flynn

Justin Flynn.jpg


Justin Iskra

Justin Iskra.jpg


Kaider Sheen

Kaider Sheen.jpg


Karl Akbari

Jon Dittert


Karl Hagan

Karl Hagan.jpeg


Karl Rivest Harnois

Karl Rivest Harnois.jpg


Karl Wood

Karl Wood - Summer Derby 2020.jpg


Kenneth Fritz

Ken Fritz.JPG


Kevin Vanier

Kevin Foggie Vanier.jpeg


Kyle Larson – “Enchantress #2” pepper

Kyle Larson


Laurence Boulanger

Laurence Boulanger.jpg


Laurent Rippert

Laurent Rippert.jpg


Levi Baumgardner

Levi Baumgardner.jpg


Lucas Glavin

Lucas Glavin.jpg


Lucas Kunce

Lucas Kunce.jpg


Malte Wanner

Malte Wanner


Manuel Martinic

Manuel Martinic.jpeg


Marc Flore

Marc Flore.jpg


Marc Lunde

Marc Bennett Lunde


Mark Evaldi

Mark Evaldi.jpg


Mark Jonovitch

Mark Jonovich.jpg


Martin Erne

Martin Erne


Matt Guido

Matt Guido.JPG


Matt Harper

Matt Harper


Matt Mucci

Matt Mucci.jpg


Matthew Messa

Matthew Messa


Matthew Simon

Matthew Simon.jpg


Michael Austerlitz

Michael Austerlitz


Michael Simpson

Michael Simpson.jpeg


Mikael Johansson

Mikael Johansson


Mike Frantz

Mike Frantz.jpg


Mike Keith

Mike Keith.jpg


Mike Kukovec

Mike Kukovec Mardu Midrange.jpg


Mike McLaughlin

Mike McLaughlin


Mitch Carson

Mitch Carson - UB Disruption - Summer Derby 2020.jpg


Nate Gates

Nate Gates


Nick Fox

Nick Fox.jpg


Nicolai Herring Rasmussen

Nicolai Herring Rasmussen.jpg


Nicolas Goles

Nicolas Goles


Noah Keating

Noah Keating.jpg


Olga Dushina – BR Khabál Valley pepper

Olga Dushina.jpg


Øyvind Skattum Vesteng



Parker Schaffel

Parker Schaffel.jpg


Pascal Martin

Pascal Martin.jpg


Patrick Burt

Patrick Burt.jpg


Patrick Quinn

Patrick Quinn.jpg


Paul DeSilva

Paul DeSilva.jpeg


Paul Fiero

Paul Fiero.jpg


Paul Kovalov

Paul Kovalov


Paul Marshall

Paul Marshall.jpeg


Pete Lankering

Pete Lankering.jpeg


Peter Dentith

Peter Dentith


Peter Simpson

Peter Simpson.jpeg


Philip Böhm

Philip Bohm


Phillip Collier

Phillip Collier.jpeg


Quinn Maurmann

Quinn Maurmann.jpg


Rad Hazard

Rad Hazard


Rajah James – “The Trap ’94” pepper

Rajah James.jpg


Rémi Ouellette

Remi Ouellette.jpg


Rich Bourque

Rich Bourque.jpeg


Richard Veenman

Richard Veenman.jpg


Rob Hackney

Rob Hackney.jpg


Robert Bowles

Robert Bowles.jpg


Robert Wilson

Robert Wilson


Robert Wyatt

Robert Wyatt.jpeg


Robin Hoholm

Robin Hoholm.jpg


Robin Lundh

Robin Lundh


Robin Van der Sluijs

Robin van der Sluijs.jpg


Rodrigo Garcia da Silva

Rodrigo Garcia da Silva.jpeg


Rubens Campana

Rubens Campana.jpg


Ryan Gresco

Ryan Gresco.jpeg


Ryan Keach

Ryan Keach


Ryan O’Burke

Ryan OBurke.jpeg


Ryan Rudolph

Ryan Rudolph.jpg


Sadie Wade

Sadie Wade


Sammy Haghour

Sammy Haghour.jpg


Saul Clayman

Saul Clayman.jpg


Scathezombie Stu

Scathezombie Stu Summer Derby 2020.jpg


Scott Bradley

Scott Bradley.jpeg


Seth Roncoroni

Seth Roncoroni


Shane Mccandlish

Shane Mccandlish.jpeg


Shaun Augeri

Shaun Augeri


Shawn Pake

Shawn Pake.jpg


Simon Gauti Rokkjær

Simon Rokkjaer.jpg


Stan Sterkendries

Stan Sterkendries


Taylor Quail

Taylor Quail.jpeg


Thilo Herzog

Thilo Herzog.jpg


Thomas Ashby

Thomas Ashby.jpg


Thomas Ribet

Thomas Ribet.jpeg


Thomas Sutherland Borja

Thomas Sutherland - Derby Black


Tim Moran

Tim Moran.jpeg


Tino Galizio

Tino Galizio.jpeg


Tobias Mieth

Tobias Mieth


Tom Swindell

Tom Swindell.jpg


Tomas Bjørkhaug

Tomas Bjorkhaug


Tyler Carden

Tyler Carden.jpeg


Tyson Taylor

Tyson Taylor.jpg


Valerio Gregori

Valerio Gregori.jpeg


Viacheslav Ivanov

Viacheslav Ivanov.jpg


Vicente Romero

Vicente Romero


Vincent DeVito

Vincent DeVito.jpg


Will Magrann

Will Magrann.jpeg


Will Reddy

Will Reddy.JPG


William Berry

William Berry.JPG


William Parshall

Will Parshall


Wouter Jansen

Wouter Jansen.jpeg


Yanick Blanchet

Yanick Blanchet.jpeg


Zach Mabe

Zach Mabe.jpeg





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