2023 Old School Magic Winter Derby Results and Deck Photos


The 7th annual Old School Magic Winter Derby is in the books! This year’s event featured 204 participants. Over the span of six weeks, we played roughly 730 matches of Old School Magic via webcam.

Game 4 of the semifinals, Svante with Falling Star on the stack

While entry fees were not collected and the Derby series will always remain free to play, we once again encouraged donations at registration to support Partners in Health, a global nonprofit dedicated to providing a preferential option to the poor in health care. Thanks to contributions from many of the players, I am humbled to report that we raised a total of $1,424 in support of Partners in Health’s COVID-19 response efforts around the world.

The Derby series rotates between different 93/94 format variants every six months. Past Derby events have used the Swedish, Atlantic, and 4-Strip B&R lists (including Eternal Central, Pacific, and Boreal). This instance of the Winter Derby was played using the Boreal 93/94 B&R list, allowing the full range of original art/old card frame re-prints (Revised, 4th/Chronicles, CE/IE, FBB/FWB, etc.).

Pairings were released in two batches in late December and early January, with all participants asked to schedule and play eight individual matches in about four weeks. After the batches were completed, a winnowed field of 16 players advanced to a single-elimination bracket. The Winter Derby Finals were played on Wednesday, February 22nd, and featured recurring Derby end boss Koos Cramer of the Dutch Old School Guild (Netherlands) against Svante Landgraf (Sweden).

Svante swings in with his Atog, leaving Koos dead to his own Serendib Efreet next turn to seal game 2. Click through for VOD of the match!

After all was said and done, Svante Landgraf took the match 3-0, and was named the Winter Derby Champion for 2023. Congratulations to Svante and to all of the Top 16 finalists, and thank you, again, to all of the players who participated. Thanks very much to our “official” streaming partners for the Top 16 — Mikael Johansson, Dan Serwan / Supraliminal Films, and Kenan Lars Salvarli! And special thanks must also go out once again to the inimitable Antonio Rodríguez for designing the Derby series logo and Winter Derby banner, and Mattias “Slanfan” Berggren for developing the Tolaria platform, which we used to host this event. The Derby series has become a fun semi-annual celebration for the international Old School Magic scene, and these contributions and the cooperation of all of the players goes a long way toward making it possible.

For anyone interested in future events, or just trying out webcam Old School Magic for the first time, please consider joining our online community of players! People are always looking for pick-up games in our Facebook group and in the #down-to-play channel on the Old School Discord(s).


How to Keep Warm During the Winter — Svante Landgraf, End of turn, draw a card

Jim’s Excellent Adventure — Jim Allen Wallace, Rocky Mountain Yetis

2023 Winter Derby, Top 8 — Ty Thomason, Ty’s MtG blog!


Click through to see a PDF of the complete standings after Swiss


9th-16th Place: Joel Bowers (15)

9th-16th Place: Jonathan Hamel (12)

9th-16th Place: Jim Allen Wallace (11)

9th-16th Place: Michael Simpson (9)

9th-16th Place: Gijsbert Haaksman (7)

9th-16th Place: Lucas Glavin (4)

9th-16th Place: Mike VanDyke (3)

9th-16th Place: Will Parshall (1)

5th-8th Place: Ty Thomason (16)

5th-8th Place: Jesse Compton (14)

5th-8th Place: Will Larson (13)

5th-8th Place: Xanadude Boston (2)

3rd-4th Place: Rich Shay (8)

3rd-4th Place: Julian Riedl (6)

2nd Place: Koos Cramer (5)

1st Place: Svante Landgraf (10)


Brian Limbacher – “Nether Honey”

Evie Collins – “Terrorize the Town”

Kyle Monson – “Power Barbs”

Nicolai Rasmussen – Counter Thallids

John Cocco – “Bungle in the Jungle”

Owen Fletcher – “Land Equilibrium Weenie Geddon”

William Coon – Barrier Transmog Midrange

Duncan Purves – Fallen Angel Combo

Mario Murr – “Jingle Balls” STYLEMASTER


(gallery view, alphabetical order by first name / Tolaria handle)

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