Havenwood 3: Organizer’s Report

Havenwood 3, a one-day webcam Old School Magic tournament, was held on Saturday, January 29th, 2022. A total of 64 players representing seven different time zones and more than 27 regional Old School clubs participated. Deck construction rules for the event used the Atlantic B&R list. The structure of the event was Swiss+1 with a 50-minute round timer, just as one might expect at a “real-life” paper tournament. All of the matches for the event were played using Whereby, one of the video chat platforms of choice for the 93/94 webcam scene.

Unpowered Champ Rasmus laying down a game-ending Berserk stack in Round 7

Havenwood 3 was the latest in a series of “single day” webcam events for the international Old School Magic scene. This particular tournament was a third edition of the original Havenwood Battle, which took place in May 2020. The event was promoted among the OLD SCHOOL 93-94 MTG Webcam Player Community, along with the Old School Discord and the New England Old School Facebook group.

When the dust had settled, Rich Shay went 7-0, taking 1st place with his spin on “Keeper” aka The Deck. Kenneth Ringkjær of the Drain Life Crew was declared the SPICEMASTER with his Chains of Mephistopheles / Island Sanctuary pile. Prizes were awarded to the top four finishers (who all ended 6-1 or better on the day) as well as the top three spicers. Rasmus Larsen Olsen of the Drain Life Crew notched Best Unpowered on the day, coming in 27th overall (4-3) with his Gb Berserk brew.


Giving back to our community remains a focus for New England Old School and the Old School webcam community, and charitable contribution is part-and-parcel of the Old School Magic experience. Our designated non-profit beneficiary for Havenwood 3 was Boys & Girls Clubs of Hartford, an organization that NEOS has donated to annually for the last few years.

Through the entry fees paid by the players, I’m thrilled to share that we raised a nice $769 for BGC Hartford! To everyone who participated in our event and made this possible: thank you!


Havenwood 3 Tournament Report – Pups McGee – Jon Dittert



4th Place: Mikael Johansson

3rd Place: Tim Moran

2nd Place: Henrik Storm

1st Place: Rich Shay


Kenneth Ringkjær — “Mephistingyou” pepper SPICEMASTER

Erik Johnson — “Tundra is for Evil Eyes” pepper SPICE TOP 3

Matt Mucci — “Let’s Dance” pepper SPICE TOP 3


(alphabetical by first name)


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