2019 Old School Magic Summer Derby Results and Deck Photos


The 3rd annual Summer Derby is in the books! This year’s event saw 144 participants, representing 14 countries (Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States) spread across 10 different time zones. Over the span of six weeks, we played roughly 550 matches of Old School Magic via webcam.

The 2019 Summer Derby was conducted under the Atlantic 93/94 B&R list, allowing the full range of original art/old card frame re-prints (Revised, 4th/Chronicles, CE/IE, FBB/FWB, etc.). As with past Derby series events, our esteemed international sparkling cardboard celebration had no entry fee and no prize support, so the stakes were simply glory and bragging rights for the winner.

Pairings were released in two batches over the month of July, with all participants asked to schedule and play eight individual matches in about four weeks. After the batches were completed, we cut to Top 16 and played out a single-elimination bracket. The Summer Derby Finals were played on August 7th, and featured two Americans, Pez Unholy (UBR Workshops) versus Jared Doucette (Spice Rack).

that balance
A pivotal Balance cast by Jared in game 2 of the finals. Click through for the VOD, produced and archived by Andrew Walker.

After all was said and done, Jared Doucette took the match 3-1, and was named the Summer Derby Champion for 2019! Congratulations to Jared, to all of the Top 16 finalists, and thank you, again, to all of the players who participated. Special thanks must also go out to the inimitable Antonio Rodríguez for designing our new Derby series logo and Summer Derby banner, and Mattias “Slanfan” Berggren for developing a bespoke “batch pairings” tool for use in tournaments of this format, making it much, much easier to process the results of several hundred matches behind the curtain. The Derby series has become a fun semiannual celebration for the international Old School Magic scene, and these contributions and the cooperation of all of the players goes a long way toward making it possible.

For anyone interested in future events, or just trying out webcam Old School Magic for the first time, please consider joining our online community of players! People are always looking for pick-up games in our Facebook group and in the #down-to-play channel on the Old School Discord.


The Spice Files: Summer Derby — Beasts of the Bay

Beating the Atlantic Sea — Christian Reinhard, Urborg Buffet

Summer Derby 2019 — Jon Dittert, Pups McGee

Summer Derby results — Jay Peine, Kitchen Table Old School

All Tings Considered Episode 77: Pez Unholy




9-16th Place: Daniel Anschutz (14)

summer derby 14 - daniel anschutz.jpg


9-16th Place: Michael Angelo Russo (12)

summer derby 12 - michael angelo russo.jpeg


9-16th Place: Chris McCubbin (11)

summer derby 11 - chris mccubbin.jpg


9-16th Place: Michael Scheffenacker (10)

summer derby 10 - michael scheffenacker.jpeg


9-16th Place: Jason Collins (8)

summer derby 08 - jason collins.jpg


9-16th Place: Christian Reinhard (4)

summer derby 04 - christian reinhard.jpeg


9-16th Place: Antoine Rottiers (2)

summer derby 02 - antoine rottiers.JPG


9-16th Place: Jeff Liu (1)

summer derby 01 - jeff liu.jpg


5-8th Place: Koos Cramer (13)

summer derby 13 - koos cramer.jpeg


5-8th Place: Christian Lieb (9)

summer derby 09 - christian lieb.JPG


5-8th Place: Jason Dorman (7)

summer derby 07 - jason dorman.jpg


5-8th Place: Jesse Laidlaw (3)

summer derby 03 - jesse laidlaw.jpeg


3-4th Place: Richard Stebbing (6)

summer derby 06 - richard stebbing.jpeg


3-4th Place: Arnaud Aubert (5)

summer derby 05 - arnaud aubert.jpg


2nd Place: Pez Unholy (15)

summer derby 15 - pez main.jpeg


1st Place: Jared Doucette (16)

summer derby 16 - jared doucette.jpeg



(alphabetical order by first name)

Adam Merkado

19sd Adam Merkado.jpeg


Akos Czibere

19sd Akos Czibere.jpg


Alex Smyk

19sd Alex Smyk.jpg


Alexander Pick

19sd Alexander Pick.jpg


Alexander Tsukanov

19sd Alexander Tsukanov.jpeg


Alistair Ingram

19sd Alistair Ingram.jpg


Andrew Oliva

19sd Andrew Oliva.jpg


Andrew Walker

19sd Andrew Walker.jpg


Andy Roman

19sd Andy Roman.jpeg


Anne Joldersma

19sd Anne Joldersma.jpeg


Ash Anabtawi — Enchantress Toolbox pepper

000 Ash Anabtawi - Enchantress Toolbox.jpg


Aurélien Théry

19sd Aurelien Thery.jpg


Ben Black

19sd Ben Black.jpeg


Ben Katz

19sd Ben Katz.png


Ben Revell

19sd Ben Revell.jpeg


Benjamin Burke

19sd Benjamin Burke.jpg


Brian Limbacher — Eureka, It’s A Field of Honey pepper

000 Brian Limbacher - Eureka Its a Field of Honey.jpg


Bryan Manolakos — Mono U Tempo pepper

000 Bryan Manolakos - Mono U Tempo


Cam Wall

19sd Cam Wall.jpeg


Cedric Jarkovsky

19sd Cedric Jarkovsky.jpeg


Charles Klein

19sd Charles Klein.jpg


Chris Adcock

19sd Chris Adcock.jpeg


Chris Mason

19sd Chris Mason.jpeg


Christoph Rabenseifner

19sd Christoph Rabenseifner.jpg


Cliff Mathieson — Requiem for a Dream pepper

000 Cliff Mathieson - Requiem for a Dream.jpg


Cory Hanson

19sd Cory Hanson.jpg


Craig Winzer

19sd Craig Winzer.jpeg


Daniel Yann Franzén — Demonic Void pepper

000 Daniel Yann Franzen - Demonic Void.jpg


Dave Firth Bard



Dominic Dotterrer

19sd Dominic Dotterer.jpg


Edwin Tracy

19sd Edwin Tracy.jpg


Erik Olstad

19sd Erik Olstad.jpeg


Evan Hofmann — BG Deep Shadow Void pepper

000 Evan Hofmann - BG Deep Shadow Void.jpg


Evan Smith

19sd Evan Smith.jpeg


Florian von Bredow

19sd Florian von Bredow.jpeg


Gabriel Farkas

19sd Gabe Farkas.jpg


Galen Lemei

19sd Galen Lemei.jpg


Gerard Siatkowski

19sd Gerard Siatkowski.jpeg


Greg Titcomb — Wurmshops pepper

000 Greg Titcomb - Wurmshops.jpg


Henk Willemse

19sd Henk Willemse.jpg


Jacob Braun

19sd Jacob Braun.png


James Lebak

19sd James Lebak.jpeg


James Rosenblum

19sd James Rosenblum.jpeg


Jared Miller

19sd Jared Miller.jpg


Jason Bain

19sd Jason Bain.jpg


Jay Peine

19sd Jay Peine.jpg


JC Saavedra

19sd JC Saavedra md.png


Jeff Dehnhardt

19sd Jeff Dehnhardt.jpeg


Jeff Grasso

19sd Jeff Grasso.jpeg


Jeff Watkins

19sd Jeff Watkins.jpg


Jeff White

19sd Jeff White.jpeg


Jeremy Hazard

19sd Jeremy Hazard.jpg


Joe Schacher

19sd Joe Schacher.jpg


Johan Råberg

19sd Johan Rawberg.jpeg


John Paul McNulty

19sd John Paul McNulty.jpeg


Jon Dittert

19sd Jon Dittert.jpg


Jon Tschida

19sd Jon Tschida.jpg


Jonathan Laws

19sd Jonathan Laws.jpg


Jordan Boyle

19sd Jordan Boyle.jpg


Justin Flynn

19sd Justin Flynn.jpg


Justin Iskra

19sd Justin Iskra.jpeg


Laurence Boulanger

19sd Laurence Boulanger.jpg


Levi Baumgardner

19sd Levi Baumgardner.jpg


Luke Zinnen

19sd Luke Zinnen.jpg


Malte Lukas Baum

19sd Malte Lukas Baum.JPG


Marc Flore — Nevinyrral’s Chaos Launcher pepper

000 Marc Flore - Nevinyrrals Chaos Launcher.jpg


Mark Jonovitch

19sd Mark Jonovich.png


Mark Price

19sd Mark Gabriel.jpeg


Martin Purrio

19sd Martin Purrio.jpg


Mathias Helmbold

19sd Mathias Helmbold.jpg


Matt Guido

19sd Matt Guido.jpg


Matt Mucci — TronBond pepper

000 Matt Mucci - TronBond.JPG


Matthew Simon

19sd Matthew Simon.jpg


Mattias Berggren

19sd Mattias Berggren.jpeg


Michael Schroers

19sd Michael Schroerers.JPG


Mike Dunshee

19sd Mike Dunshee.jpeg


Mike VanDyke

19sd Mike VanDyke.jpeg


Nick Cramer

19sd Nick Cramer.JPG


Olga Dushina

19sd Olga Dushina.jpg


Olof Robertsson

19sd Olof Robertsson.jpg


P.J. Melies

19sd PJ Melies.jpeg


Park Cofield

19sd Park Cofield.jpeg


Patrick Harfouche

19sd Patrick Harfouche.jpg


Patrick Howse

19sd Patrick Howse.jpeg


Patrick Quinn

19sd Patrick Quinn.jpeg


Paul DeSilva

19sd Paul DeSilva.jpeg


Paul Fiero — Sleight Force pepper

000 Paul Fiero - Sleight Force.jpg


Paul Kovalov

19sd Paul Kovalov.jpg


Peter Fryland

19sd Peter Fryland.jpeg


Peter Monten

19sd Peter Monten.JPG


Quinn Maurmann

19sd Quinn Maurmann.jpg


Rajah James

19sd Rajah James.jpeg


Randy Buehler

19sd Randy Buehler.jpg


Rémi Ouellette

19sd Remi Ouellette.jpg


Rich Bourque

19sd Rich Bourque.jpeg


Robert Wyatt

19sd Robert Wyatt.jpeg


Ron Dijkstra

19sd Ron Dijkstra.jpeg


Ryan Crouch

19sd Ryan Crouch.jpg


Ryan Gresco

19sd Ryan Gresco.jpeg


Ryan Keach

19sd Ryan Keach.jpg


Ryan Rudolph

19sd Ryan Rudolph.jpg


Ryan Working

19sd Ryan Working.jpg


Seth Roncoroni

19sd Seth Roncoroni.jpg


Shane Chiasson

19sd Shane Chiasson.jpeg


Shaun Augeri — Les Revenant pepper

000 Shaun Augeri - Les Revenant.jpeg


Shawn Sullivan

19sd Shawn Sullivan.jpeg


Stan Sterkendries

19sd Stan Sterkendries.jpg


Tapan Lockwood — Can’t Bolt This pepper

000 Tapan Lockwood - Cant Bolt This.jpg


Taylor Quail

19sd Taylor Quail.jpeg


Thilo Herzog

19sd Thilo Herzog.jpg


Thomas Ribet

19sd Thomas Ribet.jpeg


Tim Moran

19sd Tim Moran.jpeg


Tim Stutzer — Eggy Pop pepper

000 Tim Stutzer - Eggy Pop.jpg


Tino Galizio

19sd Tino Galizio.jpeg


Tobias Mieth

19sd Tobias Mieth.jpg


Tyler Daykin

19sd Tyler Daykin.jpg


Viacheslav Ivanov

19sd Viacheslav Ivanov.jpg


Wilhelm Sahlberg

19sd Wilhelm Sahlberg.jpg


Will Larson

19sd Will Larson.jpg


Will Magrann

19sd Will Magrann.png




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