2019 Old School Magic Winter Derby Results and Deck Photos


The 3rd annual Winter Derby is in the books! This year’s event saw 142 participants, representing 14 countries (Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States) spread across nine different time zones. Over the span of six weeks, we played roughly 525 matches of Old School Magic via webcam.

wdpic1 florian putting the screws to reinhard during r16.png
“Round of 16” action: Florian with a commanding board presence vs Christian

The Winter Derby is conducted under the Swedish 93/94 B&R list, allowing the full range of original art/old card frame re-prints (Revised, Chronicles, CE/IE, FBB/FWB, etc.), an approach that has become very common for online play internationally. And the stakes? Mostly just glory and bragging rights, along with an invitation to n00bcon 11 for the winner.

Pairings were released in two batches over the month of January, with all participants asked to schedule and play eight individual matches in about four weeks. After the batches were completed, we cut to Top 16 and played out a single-elimination bracket. The Winter Derby Finals were played on February 8th, and featured an American, Michael Scheffenacker (4C Swedish Atog feat. Su-Chi) versus Richard Stebbing (UR Counterburn) of the UK’s Brothers of Fire.

winterderby finals twister in game 2
A climactic Timetwister near the end of Game 2 of the Winter Derby Finals. The match was recorded with commentary; click through for the full VOD.

After all was said and done, Richard Stebbing was named the Winter Derby Champion for 2019, and received the n00bcon invitation! Congratulations to Richard, to all of the Top 16 finalists, and thank you, again, to all of the players who participated. Together, you’ve helped to make the semiannual Derby series a recurring celebration of the international Old School Magic community.

(Does this sound like fun? Join our online community of Old School Magic webcam players, where we post looking for pick-up games in our Facebook group and in the #down-to-play channel on the Old School Discord!)


winter derby 2019 final standings.png


9-16th Place: Markus Lundqvist (16)

wd16 markus

9-16th Place: Rich Shay (15)

wd15 rich shay

9-16th Place: John Tschida (14)

wd14 tschida

9-16th Place: Paul DeSilva (12)

wd12 desilva

9-16th Place: Elias Gröndal (11)

wd11 elias

9-16th Place: Guillaume Denoix (9)

wd09 guillaume

9-16th Place: Pez Unholy (7)

wd07 pez

9-16th Place: Christian Reinhard (4)

wd04 christian reinhard

5-8th Place: Florian von Bredow (13)

wd13 florian

5-8th Place: Ben Twitchen (3)

wd03 ben twitchen

5-8th Place: Ed Arneson (2)

wd02 arneson

5-8th Place: Svante Landgraf (1)

wd01 svante

3-4th Place: Laurence Boulanger (6)

wd06 laurence

3-4th Place: Tobias Mieth (5)

wd05 tobias mieth

2nd Place: Michael Scheffenacker (10)

wd10 scheff

1st Place: Richard Stebbing (8)

wd08 stebbo



(alphabetical order by first name)

Aaron Palaian

19wd aaron palaian.jpg

Adam Merkado-Weiss

19wd adam weiss.jpeg

Aleksandar Gonzalez

19wd aleksandar gonzalez.jpg

Alexander Pick

19wd alexander pick.png

Alistair Ingram

19wd alistair ingram.jpg

Andreas Rosén

19wd andreas rosen.jpeg

Andrew Oliva

19wd andrew oliva.jpg

Andrew Walker

19wd andrew walker.jpg

Andy Swaffar

19wd andy swaffar.jpg

Anies van Tol

19wd anies van tol.jpeg

Anne Joldersma

19wd anne joldersma.jpeg

Ash Anabtawi

19wd ash anabtawi.jpg

Ben Katz

19wd ben katz.jpg

Benjamin Burke

19wd benjamin burke.jpg

Blake Burkholder

19wd blake burkholder.jpeg

Bryan Manolakos

19wd bryan manolakos.jpg

Cam Wall

19wd cam wall.jpeg

Carl Bjornstad

19wd carl bjornstad

Carter Petray

19wd carter petray.jpeg

Chris Mason

19wd chris mason.jpeg

Christopher Cooper

19wd christopher cooper.jpg

Christopher George

19wd christopher george.jpeg

Constantine Prishvitsin

19wd constantine prishvitsin.jpg

Cory Hanson

19wd cory hanson.jpg

Craig Winzer

19wd craig winzer.jpeg

Curt Christian

19wd curt christian.jpg

Dan Claric

19wd dan claric.jpeg

Daniel Yann Franzén

19wd daniel yann franzen.jpg

Danny Friedman

19wd danny friedman

Dave Firth Bard

19wd dave firth bard.jpg

David Holler

19wd david holler.jpeg

Dean Costakis

19wd dean costakis.jpeg

Derek Walker

19wd derek walker.jpeg

Duncan Devlin

19wd duncan devlin.jpeg

Eliot Davidoff

19wd eliot davidoff.jpeg

Eric Fletcher

19wd eric fletcher.jpg

Erwin Demmer

19wd erwin demmer.jpg

Felix Schaub

19wd felix schaub.jpeg

Gabe Farkas

19wd gabe farkas.jpg

Gordon Andersson

19wd gordon andersson.jpg

Henk Willemse

19wd henk willemse.jpeg

James Lebak

19wd james lebak.jpeg

Jan Eid

19wd jan eid.jpeg

Jared Doucette

19wd jared doucette.jpeg

Jared Miller

19wd jared miller.jpg

Jason Collins

19wd jason collins.jpg

Jason Morawski

19wd jason morawski.jpg

Jason Schwartz

19wd jason schwartz.jpg

Jason Seaman

19wd jason seaman MD.JPG

Jason Williams

19wd jason williams.jpg

Jeff Dehnhardt

19wd jeff dehnhardt.jpeg

Jeff Grasso

19wd jeff grasso.jpeg

Jeff Liu

19wd jeff liu.jpg

Jeff Watkins

19wd jeff watkins.jpg

Jeff White

19wd jeff white.jpeg

Jeremy Chien

19wd jeremy chien.jpeg

Jesse Laidlaw

19wd jesse laidlaw.jpeg

Joe Schacher

19wd joe schacher.jpg

Joep Meddens

19wd joep meddens.JPG

Johan Råberg

19wd johan rawberg.jpeg

John McNulty

19wd john mcnulty.jpeg

John Sexton

19wd john sexton.jpeg

Johnny Chop

19wd johnny chop.jpg

Jonathan Laws

19wd jonathan laws.jpg

Josh Burgoa

19wd josh burgoa.jpg

Juan Espadas Carmona

19wd juan espadas carmona.jpg

Justin Iskra

19wd justin iskra.jpg

Koos Cramer

19wd koos cramer.jpg

Laurent Rippert

19wd laurent rippert.jpg

Leandro Saucedo

19wd leandro saucedo.JPEG

Levi Baumgardner

19wd levi baumgardner.jpg

Luke Zinnen

19wd luke zinnen.jpg

Malte (Lukas Baum)

19wd malte lukas baum.JPG

Marc Flore

19wd marc flore.jpg

Mark Jonovitch

19wd mark jonovitch.jpg

Mark Price

19wd mark price.jpeg

Mats Furby

19wd mats furby.jpg

Matt Guido

19wd matt guido.jpg

Matt Shields

19wd matt shields.jpg

Matt Sperling

19wd matt sperling.jpg

Matthew Simon

19wd matthew simon.jpg

Max Schroeder

19wd max schroeder.jpeg

Michael Angelo Russo

19wd michael angelo russo.jpeg

Mike Harris

19wd mike harris.jpg

Mike VanDyke

19wd mike vandyke.jpeg

Nick Cramer

19wd nick cramer.jpeg

Nick Ireland

19wd nick ireland.jpg

Norton Fantenberg

19wd norton fantenberg.jpg

Olga Dushina

19wd olga dushina.jpg

Olof Robertsson

19wd olof robertsson.jpg

Owen Fletcher

19wd owen fletcher.jpeg

P.J. Melies

19wd pj melies.jpg

Park Cofield

19wd park cofield.jpeg

Paul Fiero

19wd paul fiero.jpg

Paul Kovalov

19wd paul kovalov.jpg

Peter Fryland

19wd peter fryland.jpeg

Peter Monten

19wd peter monten.JPG

Phil Shary

19wd phil shary.jpg

Phillip Dow

19wd phillip dow.jpeg

Rajah James

19wd rajah james.jpg

Robin Lundh

19wd robin lundh.jpg

Roger Thomas

19wd roger thomas MD.jpg

Ryan Gresco

19wd ryan gresco.jpeg

Ryan Rudolph

19wd ryan rudolph.JPG

Ryan Working

19wd ryan working.jpg

Scott Bradley

19wd scott bradley.jpeg

Sean Duffy

19wd sean duffy.jpg

Shane Chiasson

19wd shane chiasson.jpg

Shawn Sullivan

19wd shawn sullivan.jpeg

Stan Sterkendries

19wd stan sterkendries.jpg

Steve McGrew

19wd steve mcgrew.jpg

Taylor Quail

19wd taylor quail.jpeg

Thilo Herzog

19wd thilo herzog.jpg

Thomas Meddens

19wd thomas meddens.jpeg

Thomas Ribet

19wd thomas ribet.jpeg

Tylür Kahnle

19wd tyler conley.jpg

Viacheslav Ivanov

19wd viacheslav ivanov.jpg

Wilhelm Sahlberg

19wd wilhelm sahlberg.png

Will Larson

19wd will larson.jpg

Will Magrann

19wd will magrann.jpeg

Winston Wood

19wd winston wood.jpeg

Zachary Dooling

19wd zachary dooling.jpg



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